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Unlock the Best Savings Account Interest Rates in 2024: Expert Guide

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Are you planning to open a savings account? The first step is to find out the best interest rates so that your hard-earned money can grow effectively. Whether you open a digital savings account or an offline one, there are various interest rate choices available. This can make the process quite confusing. This article provides some necessary tips and lists all the best savings account interest rates of this year to help you make the best choice.

A Few Factors to Consider

When you plan to open a new account, the first thing you should do is explore the different options offered by banks. Before you open a savings account online, consider the following factors.

  • Introductory Rate: Many banks offer a special introductory interest that is quite high for a limited period. It is almost like a promotion, but you should always check for the actual long-term rate.
  • Digital Banks: Digital banks like IDFC FIRST bank offer competitive interest rates due to low running expenses. Opening a savings account with them can be more convenient and easier to manage.

Exploring the Best Savings Account Interest Rates of 2024

Prominent banks like ICICI Bank, State Bank of India, and HDFC Bank are well-regarded for their attractive interest rates. DBS’ Digibank and IDFC FIRST Bank provide unique and user-friendly online banking solutions. The following sections outline each bank’s interest rates.


As per the revised rates in January 2024, IDFC FIRST Bank offers an interest rate between 3 % and 7%. The rate depends mainly on the type of savings account and the minimum balance.

<=1 Lakh 3.00%
> 1 Lakh to <= 5 Lakhs 4.00%
> 5 Lakhs to <= 50 Crores 7.00%
> 50 Crores to <= 100 Crores 5.00%
> 100 Crores to <= 200 Crores 4.50%
>200 Crores 3.50%

State Bank of India (SBI)

SBI provides a variety of savings account kinds to meet various banking needs. The interest rate for SBI savings accounts begins at 2.70%.

> 10 Crores 2.70%
<= 10 Crores 3.00%


ICICI Bank interest rates begin at 3 %. The balance limit is comparatively lower, which makes it a good choice.

> 50 Lakhs 3.00%
<= 50 Lakhs 3.50%


The interest rate and balance requirement for HDFC Bank is quite similar to ICICI.

> 50 Lakhs 3.00%
<= 50 Lakhs 3.50%

Kotak Mahindra Bank

Interest rates on savings accounts at Kotak Mahindra Bank begin at 3.50%, which is current as of March 2024.

<= 50 lakhs 3.50%
> 50 lakhs to 50 Crores 4.00%
> 50 Crores to 600 Crores MIBOR + 5.2 bps p.a.
> 600 Crores to 1000Crores MIBOR + 50 bps p.a.
> 1000 Crores MIBOR +70 bps p.a.

Bottom Line

A calculated strategy is needed to uncover the highest savings account interest rates in 2024. This includes investigating new account alternatives, considering digital savings accounts, and taking advantage of online banking’s advantages. By remaining knowledgeable and proactive, you may optimise your savings potential and strive towards a stable financial future.


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