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Top 4 Thing You Need To Know About Using An Article Rewriting Tool



Everything You Need To Know About Using An Article Rewriting Tool

If you have never used an article rewriting tool and want to know how and what the implications of using it are, then be sure to review this article first! If you have ever found yourself trying to overcome writer’s block or are simply dealing with an excessive content workload, then the use of an article rewriting tool can be an effective solution.

With the rise of artificial intelligence, it is now easier than ever to paraphrase written content in an instant.

However, not everyone is familiar with what these tools are, how they work, or how to properly use them, so we’re going to quickly break down everything you need to know about them. By the end of this article, you should be able to effectively put the HIX.AI article rewriter tool to good use in your daily workflow.

Without further ado, let’s jump into it!

How Does Article Rewriting Help?

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Article rewriting is common practice in both academic and professional settings because there are times when you may need the same content written in a different context. In most cases, it is done to help boost SEO by allowing online marketers to publish the same content topics in a different way for the sake of maximizing audience reach.

Other times, it is done to help improve the content structure and deliver topics better, while the rest of the time, it is simply done to help eliminate plagiarism from written text. Either way, this kind of work often requires a significant amount of repetitive creativity and effort to consistently produce.

However, this can be difficult to consistently accomplish, which is where article rewriter tools like HIX.AI come into play. These tools can be used to instantly alter already written words to create completely unique content in just a fraction of the time that it usually takes human writers to accomplish it.

For a busy content writer, being able to repurpose content can mean saving yourself a lot of time trying to brainstorm new ideas, writing text, and editing content. For instance, if you go to this page and use the rewriting tool, the words that you input will be replaced with synonyms, the tone of the article will be switched to suit your intended reader, and even the language can be accurately altered for their sake.

All these adjustments are done using AI-based algorithms and natural language processing, which allows the tool to create new text that relays the same information in a completely different way. Plus, the entire process is so simple that you only need to copy and paste the text, and the tool will handle the rest. With this content, you can easily engage more readers, improve your SEO rankings, and boost your marketing campaigns.

Also, depending on the quality of the tool that you use, the dissimilarity between the two pieces of content will usually end up being so vast that even plagiarism checkers will be unable to detect anything.

Is It Ethical To Use An Article Rewriter Tool?

Article rewriting tools are starting to become popular, especially among digital marketers, as the need for readable content continues to rise on an almost daily basis. However, it is important to consider that the ethics of using an article rewriting tool typically fall into a rather gray area.

This is because these tools effectively utilize previously written content, which means that it is very likely for the spun content to contain plagiarized text from the original source. If the individual is found to have plagiarized text from somewhere else, there is a chance that they will face serious consequences. To be more precise, being found guilty of plagiarism can negatively impact your reputation as a student and/or working professional.

In this respect, the best way to ensure you are making ethical use of a rewriting tool is by feeding it your own original texts. You can use a tool like HIX.AI to get help quickly creating multiple variations of your own writing. And the benefit of using this strategy is that, as long as the writing has not been published in the past, there will be little chance of any accidental plagiarism.

On the other hand, if you still intend on paraphrasing content from somewhere else, then you need to keep in mind that using someone’s work without a proper citation that accredits the original author is considered plagiarism.

Who Are The Common Users of Article Rewriting Tools?

Online marketing experts often need to craft multiple variations of a blog post to be published on different sites in order to help promote a product, service, site, etc. And while it can be easy to just use the same posts for promotion, the problem with doing that is that it would impact their ability to rank higher on Google’s search engine.

Social media managers make good use of these tools by creating different variations of posts that can be put up on different platforms to prevent repetitive posting, which can often lower user engagement. PR professionals also tend to use these tools to craft different product/service/brand pitches before providing them to multiple news outlets and publications for posting.

College students are another group of users that frequently utilize such rewriting tools, as many of them are often looking for quick and easy ways to paraphrase content for their research papers. All of these examples are just a few ways that these tools tend to come in handy, but as we mentioned before, it is always essential that you cite the content’s original source, even after receiving a completely new version of the content.

What To Consider When Using An Article Rewriter?

If there is something important that you should always keep in mind, it is that as useful as these tools can be, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are foolproof. The fact of the matter is that most of these AI-based tools tend to lack the ability to effectively craft text in a tone or sentence structure that feels or sounds natural.

As such, you will always need to proofread the paraphrased content for any mistakes or errors. Otherwise, you risk presenting or publishing text that may be compromised in terms of readability. The good news is that you can minimize the need for constant correction by simply making sure that you pick out the right AI rewriting tool.

For example, HIX.AI’s tool does well to generate plagiarism-free text that requires minimal editing. It’s also worth noting that it is even able to provide a personalized content-creating experience by making it easy for users to tailor the tone’s content to a particular group of people.


To sum it all up, HIX.AI’s article rewriting tools are meant to help speed up the content creation process by spinning words and even whole paragraphs without compromising the original context of the content. They can be very useful in reproducing multiple blog article variations, paraphrasing text for academic papers, or producing distinguishable social media posts.

That being said, these tools should never be used in an attempt to spin and publish someone else’s content as your own. If you created the content yourself, then using an article rewriter is completely fine. Otherwise, if you need to paraphrase someone else’s content, the ethical thing to do is to make sure that the rewritten content is accompanied by citations.

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