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Tips to Stay Safe When Buying for Groceries During COVID-19

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Luckily, supermarkets are still open even in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic as most people if not everyone needs to buy groceries. But, this does not mean that you are free to go out whenever you want because there are protocols you need to follow. Countries with reported COVID-19 cases have implemented strict social distancing rules in public areas to prevent the spread of the virus.

When you go outside to buy groceries, you need to maintain a six-feet distance from other people aside from wearing a face mask. In this article, we are going to give you some tips you should remember when you go shopping outside to stay safe.

#1 Only Go Out When You Really Have to Buy Groceries

Staying inside your home for a whole day can be boring, especially if you do not have anything to do. This can give you the urge to go to the supermarket to buy something you are craving for. But, going out just to buy not-so-essential things is a big no. Whenever someone leaves your house, the risks of the COVID-19 virus entering your home gets higher.

If everyone goes out to the supermarket to satisfy their cravings, the supermarket will be crowded with people. This will go against the required social distancing protocol and will endanger the workers as well as the people who are buying essentials.

#2 Look for Other Alternatives

Find other shopping alternatives aside from going to the supermarket. Try ethnic markets, co-ops, and local produce shops because they will probably have fewer people. Farmers’ markets might even be more crowded compared to supermarkets and will have fewer guidelines. But, it is better to avoid peak times for you to stay safe.

You can also consider deliveries, especially if your area has a lot of COVID-19 cases. If you are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, we recommend staying at home. If you buy food through delivery, ask them to leave your groceries at your doorstep. If you are going to give tips, do it electronically. Disinfect your delivered items and clean your hands once done.

#3 Create an Organized List of the Things You Will Buy

Creating an organized list of the groceries you will buy will minimize your time spent in the supermarket. Make sure to organize them by department or aisle to prevent spending more time going back and forth inside the store.

#4 Wear Face Masks while shopping

The majority of health experts now recommend that people, sick or not, should wear face coverings to prevent the virus from spreading from asymptomatic carriers. Many supermarkets in countries with COVID-19 cases nowadays will require shoppers to wear face coverings before they can enter.

Wear a face mask even if contracting the virus is not one of your concerns to give the shop workers and other shoppers peace of mind. You can check out somedicalsupplies if you are looking for disposable medical supplies.

#5 Don’t Bring Too Many Things

Try to bring as few things as possible when you go shopping. Leave your wallet or purse at home or in your car. Create the list of your groceries on a paper and not on your phone. If you have a credit card, it is more recommended than cash. You can put it inside your pocket.

If you do not have a credit card, bring various bills so you can pay your groceries with the exact amount. Bringing fewer things when you go shopping lessens the things you will have to disinfect once you arrive home.

#6 Hand Sanitizer or Gloves while shopping?

Some groceries will offer hand sanitizers at their entrances. Get one and use it to clean your shopping cart. Gloves won’t be that effective because if you are wearing gloves and touched a contaminated item, you will just transfer the contaminant to the next item you will touch. Be cautious when shopping and avoid touching your face. You can also bring your own hand sanitizer to protect your from COVID-19

#7 Practice Social Distancing while shopping for groceries

When you are in a narrow aisle, it is hard to maintain a six-feet distance from other shoppers but do your best. Do not go to a spot where another person is shopping. Do not hover around other people. When you are in a queue, do not forget about proper spacing. If the aisle you want to go to is crowded, wait until it opens up.

Conclusion on Covid-19 and shopping for groceries

Buying groceries is an essential part of our daily lives. It is where we get most of our supplies at home to keep on living. So even in the middle of a pandemic, we still need to go shopping for essentials despite the danger outside. Taking precautionary measures is always important to keep yourself safe. We hope that you will apply all of the tips you have read here if you want to protect your loved ones from being infected by the virus.

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