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Red Light Therapy Review: Legit or Scam?



In a world awash with wellness devices, standing out requires more than just flashy marketing; it requires substance. As someone who’s dedicated years to understanding and evaluating red light therapy panels.

I approached the TotalSpectrum series by with both optimism and a keen eye for detail. I ordered the TotalSpectrum Mini, Compact, Max and ULTRA to test.

Ended up keeping the ULTRA for myself, and returned the others after the test. Here’s why and here’s what I found:

The TotalSpectrum Lineup: A Closer Look

The TotalSpectrum series presents a range of red light therapy devices – the MINI, COMPACT, MAX, and ULTRA – each designed to cater to different needs but unified by multi wavelength efficacy, narrower than standard beam angles and transparent industry leading irradiance readings with both a solar power meter and a spectrometer. Most companies won’t divulge details of the testing device, so that was the first positive.

The MINI: Targeted Treatment

Starting with the TotalSpectrum MINI, I was impressed by the 5W LEDs in this 64 LED device. Despite its smaller size, it delivers an irradiance of 170 mW/cm^2 at 8 inches (solar powered meter), a figure that rivals larger panels of other manufacturers. The MINI’s sleek design and user-friendly interface, with voice and touch control, made it a versatile choice for targeted treatment.

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The COMPACT: A Balanced Choice

The COMPACT, with its 152 LEDs, balances size and power consumption beautifully, offering a 280W output. Its medium treatment area is perfect for those needing a broader reach without committing to a larger panel. The 172 mW/cm^2 irradiance at 8 inches promises deep penetration for more effective therapy sessions.

The MAX: Large Body Areas

The MAX model takes things up a notch with 304 LEDs, demanding 550W of power for an expansive treatment area. Its robust construction and impressive output make it a formidable contender in the field of red light therapy.

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The ULTRA: Full Body Red Light Therapy Treatment

The ULTRA, the crown jewel of the series, boasts 480 LEDs, including a dual LED design, and stretches to an 850W power consumption. What sets the ULTRA apart is its seven wavelengths, offering a full spectrum of therapeutic light. The inclusion of a 450nm wavelength is particularly noteworthy, expanding its utility to combat acne. The ULTRA also diversifies with mixed beam angles, allowing for a customized light spread.


Across the board, the TotalSpectrum series stands out for its zero EMF emission and absence of flicker, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience. The FDA registration and CE, RoHS certification prove the strict standards each panel meets​​.

Performance Modes: Pre-built Therapeutic Options

Each panel comes with performance modes that address a comprehensive list of health and wellness concerns. From fitness to fat burning, skin care to sleep optimization, and even specialized modes for elderly health, these panels are designed to support a holistic lifestyle. The ULTRA’s six performance modes are more beauty and fitness centric, including a custom option, hair care, acne, fat burning, sleep, skin repair and relaxation modes, allowing users to tailor their therapy sessions like never before.

red light therapy

Real-World Testing: My Verdict

In my hands-on testing, the TotalSpectrum series exceeded expectations. The build quality, ease of use, and therapeutic results were palpable. When compared to other market offerings, the TotalSpectrum devices demonstrated superior construction, higher irradiance levels, and a more thoughtful approach to wavelength selection.

The black design of the Mini, Compact and Max is arguably more classy for your living room than any other panel out there. My friends thought I’d bought a collection of high fidelity speakers. These red light therapy devices will enhance the look of your common areas.

A note about my experience with their team

I ordered all the panels and was upfront about my intention to test and buy just one, that too if I like everything. They extended the default 30 day trial for me to 45 days on request and were happy to spend time on their live chat answering my questions promptly. If you’re unsure about something, I would encourage you to contact them, they have a very prompt, knowledgeable team.

Conclusion: A Five-Star Company

After an in-depth review and comparison with other red light therapy panels, the TotalSpectrum series by RLT Home stands unmatched. The ULTRA, in particular, with its full-body treatment capability and advanced features, represents the pinnacle of red light therapy technology.

It’s not just a panel; it’s a well-being companion for those serious about their health. As a regular user in the field, I can confidently give RLT Home’s TotalSpectrum series a five-star rating, with a special commendation for the ULTRA model – a great advancement in the science of red light therapy.

Review By: Francesca Aubrey

Francesca Aubrey

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