Tips And Tricks For Beginners Learning Sport Fishing
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Tips and Tricks for Beginners Learning Sport Fishing



Sports Fishing, Tips and Tricks, catch fish

Sportfishing is an activity that has been with us as human beings for as long as we have been on the planet. We originally fished our abundant oceans and rivers for an extremely healthy food source, and over the millennia we have developed our fishing skills into a sport.

There are many different types of fishing but they all have the same basis: you need a rod to catch a fish and use a kayak bag to keep your fish uncontaminated. But as a beginner how do you go about learning to fish? Well, for many people it was a generational thing as fathers passed down their craft to their offspring.

However, if you are looking to get into fishing without any prior knowledge, then read on, as we are going to look at some tips and tricks for beginners.

Buy the right kit

Learning sports fishing with the wrong equipment can be a nightmare that ends up putting many people off for life and if it’s your first time shopping for fishing gear, buying a rod and reel combo is a great simple way of ensuring you have the right baitcasting reels for your rod. So go and find your perfect fishing reel.

Furthermore, if you are starting out as a complete novice do not overcomplicate the issue, you basically just need a rod that can be made out of traditional wood, or a more modern one made from fibreglass or graphite, a spool of fishing line and some bobbers and a hook.

The bobbers will tell you when you have a bite on your hook so do not overlook this essential item. It is also worth investing in a tackle box so that you have all of your equipment in the same place, as you will quickly collect a mountain of different kits for the various conditions and fishing styles.

Choose your bait carefully to catch fish

Bait is one of those subjects that causes controversy and can lead to endless debates on the riverbank or in the local pub after a day’s fishing. Every experienced fisherman will have their own tips and tricks for the best bait. Experts at US Angler can help you choose the bait for the fish you are trying to catch, for example, if you are saltwater fishing then shrimp is the perfect bait, but if you are looking for a trout supper then you might want to consider corn kernels or even cheese! Other types of bait include minnows, crickets, and worms, which are all available in your local bait shop, or if you are feeling more adventurous you could even attempt to catch your own, which is a great activity for young kids.

Learn to knot correctly

Learning to tie knots is a key component of fishing as you have to tie your hooks to the end of your line. Your hook size will also depend on the fish that you are trying to catch and also the size and type of bait you are using. Fish don’t like being caught and will therefore constantly pull on the hook trying to escape, so if you have not tied it properly you may lose the biggest catch of the day, and that is not a situation you want to be in. Remember that the line should always be wet before you tie a knot otherwise it will come loose, and if you have no one to teach you, make sure you buy a book that explains the different knots that you will need.

Patience in sports fishing is a must

Sports Fishing, Tips and Tricks, catch fishPatience is perhaps the most important thing when going fishing to catch fish. Sometimes it can take hours for a fish to bite, and you must resist the temptation to keep playing with your rod and recasting. Fish aren’t as stupid as you think so if they constantly see bait bouncing up and down they may be alert to danger and will not bite. Relax, take it easy, and eventually, you will receive that bite. Once you do then you need to master the art of catching the fish on the hook and then reeling it in, which again can be a very long process especially if you have a fighter on your hands.

Remove the hook and release

Unless you are fishing for food, you should always return any fish that you catch into the water. It is not fair to catch a fish and then kill it if you are not intending to eat it. Once the fish is reeled in, carefully remove the hook with some pliers and then return the fish to the water for another day so that it can breed or someone else can have the challenge of trying to catch it.

As we have discovered there are a few basic requirements when it comes to learning how to fish. You need the right rod and line, and the correct bait for the fish you are trying to catch. Tie your knots correctly so you do not lose any fish and make sure that you have some patience, otherwise, you will never catch a thing!

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