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The Benefits Of an EV Home Charger Installation at Your Home



The Benefits Of an EV Home Charger Installation at Your Home
Over recent years the interest in electric vehicles (EV) has soared. With many people now owning electric cars, there are an estimated 6 million EV worldwide with over 2 million found in the US. There is one issue though, public charging stations are often busy and if you need to charge your car before going to work or on your way home, it can be very frustrating waiting to charge your car.
EV home charger installation is available, different types with different power values. Think of the convenience of being able to charge your vehicle at home!

EV Home Charger Installation

Top Benefits of EV Home Charger Installation

If you are the owner of an electric vehicle having an EV home charger installation at your home comes with many benefits. Not only will you have the cheapest way of charging your car, but it will also be the most convenient as well. Other benefits include:

  • EV home chargers use cheaper energy, by charging faster your vehicle can be charged during cheaper, off-peak electricity price periods while you are sleeping.
  • EV home chargers are more convenient than having to drive to a public charging dock and waiting until your car is fully charged.
  • EV home chargers are cheaper to use compared to public chargers.
  • EV home chargers can use cleaner energy; using your charger during off-peak electrical periods means the energy is cleaner as more of it comes from renewable energy resources during the night.
  • EV home chargers will increase the value of your home and make your home more attractive to prospective buyers.
  • EV home charges can help extend the life of your battery, while fast charging on public chargers is likely to reduce the battery’s longevity.
  • Using an EV home charger means that you can leave your car to get a full maximum charge, whereas when using public chargers there can be some pressure to move on quickly before your car is completely charged.

EV Home Charger Installation

What Is Needed for EV Home Charger Installation?

There are 3 things needed in order to have an EV home charger installed at your home.

  1. Off-road parking, either a driveway or garage.
  2. Power needs to be available where the car will be parked.
  3. A wall box charger, which supplies the electricity to the car.

Electric vehicle wall charging units, also known as wall boxes are available in different types and different power values.

How Fast Can You Charge an Electric Car at Home?

The speed at which electric vehicles charge is measured in kilowatts (kW). The charging speed of the separate home charger boxes depends upon the power value that you buy and also your electric car. Maximum charging speed can be limited by the onboard charger of your vehicle.

How Much Does It Cost to Install an Electric Car Charger?

The amount it costs for EV home charger installation at your home depends upon the different power chargers you can buy. The higher the power, the quicker your vehicle will charge, and the more expensive the charger. A longer cable is also an additional option that adds more cost to the wall charger.

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