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Running Technique and How You Should Choose Your Coach



Running Technique and How You Should Choose Your Coach

Ever wanted an injury-free you for 2021? Well, it turns out that it’s pretty easy to get injured when running nowadays. There are quite a few factors that can make your life a lot harder when running. This is why we have you covered on perfecting the right running technique.

Why you should focus on your running technique

  • Working with a coach
  • Your coaching plan
  • The purpose of the program

Running is amazing. It relaxes the mind and releases endorphins. It’s the perfect way to combat stress and restart your engines. However, the mental benefits are evident, the potential physical effects on running can be harmful.

You may see running as a treat for the mind, but what about a treat for your physical health?

It turns out that not focusing on your technical performance when running can cause negative long-term effects.

This is why focusing on your running technique is so important. In my opinion, it’s the physical understanding and preparation before the run that is the most important.

Let’s be prepared as much as possible. However, there is no way you will be able to master this on your own.

This is why you need to work with a coach.

Let’s go over this in more detail.

Working with a coach

Whilst it’s perfectly understandable to research for the best running techniques online and see for yourself what you think works and what doesn’t.

But, nothing comes close to getting to know your technique with a real coach, with years of experience.

The process all begins with an analysis of your biomechanics. Everyone has a unique way of running. Up to this point, you may have no idea how you run or how your legs move technically when running. So, a full analysis will be given, giving you the chance to get to know your physical self better.

This is the beginning stage.

Once you establish your running technique, the next step is to consider your budget.

The best coaches do come with a price. Be prepared to spend a little under £500 or a few hundred pounds more, depending on the number of sessions you want.

Your coaching plan

The next part is to decide how many sessions you want. The minimum for any lasting effect would be 6. If it turns out you want more, then you will be able to book several more sessions in the diary.

However, you first want to search for running technique coaches in London. London holds the best coaches that use the latest and most advanced technologies to determine your physical biometrics. A part of this analysis will include video analysis software. Sounds cool, right?

Once you have landed on their page, watch videos and read testimonials of previous users. You will be able to see before and after videos. This will give you a lot more assurance that you picked the right place. With this type of exercise, trust is going to be important.

The purpose of the program

The great news is that the program is for all runners from all experience levels. So, the purpose of the program is up to you to decide.

However, whether it’s to stay injury-free, become fitter, or understand your body type, there is no real step back to pursuing this program. Whatever goal you have, the result will be a positive outcome. Let’s review some of these steps again.

  • Search for London based running technique coaches
  • Read testimonial on their page
  • Identify a goal to why you want to pursue the program
  • Plan your sessions with a budget in mind

These 4 steps will give you the edge to get back to running in style.

Author bio

Sam Edwards is a content writer who lives in Tunbridge Wells. He is working for Pearl Lemon Placements. When he is not writing, he can be found grabbing a coffee or playing guitar.

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