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5 Factors That Make an Online Casino Safe for Players

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5 Factors That Make an Online Casino Safe for Players

Online casinos and sports betting sites have significantly grown in popularity over the past decade. A notable surge in online activity happened around the same time as government-enforced lockdowns. In other words, while countries fought against COVID people were fighting against boredom, and turned to online casinos.

That being said, whenever something turns out to be lucrative, scammers are definitely going to follow. The best example of this is probably cryptocurrency scams where people lost their entire savings. In other words, scammers and recklessness are all that it takes to ruin a good hobby. So, here are some suggestions to help you identify a safe platform for gambling. Basically, a legitimate online casino should have all of these elements.

Encryption and License

The important thing to watch out for is whether the site is legal and whether it uses adequate encryption tech. If you are playing in a country where online gambling is legal, then your own government is likely to have a regulatory body that issues these licenses, so you can easily check. If not you can still play on sites that are licensed by the UK, Malta, Curacao, Cyprus, or Antigua and Barbuda regulators. After all, these licenses are recognized by the Canadian government, and operators are allowed to offer their services here.

As far as the encryption goes, you need to pay attention to whether the site has an SSL certificate and uses HTTPS protocol. Almost any company that cares about its website and users will ensure they have an SSL certificate, given how it is important for business. These elements simply indicate the site has basic protection, and it’s not exactly a child’s play to hack it.

Payment Options

Payments are another factor that you need to take into consideration when evaluating the safety of an online casino. In order to safely deposit and withdraw funds, you need an operator that has multiple payment options available. After all, the whole point of gaming is to be a winner and to be able to receive those winnings. So, select the platforms that are known for being the best payout online casino in canada, and create an account there. By choosing one of these sites you will be able to play without second-guessing your decision, and dreading the moment when you need to withdraw your funds.

Customer Support

You can reach out to customer support and ask them a few questions just to see how fast they will reply, and how they will reply. You can ask them about the casino, who regulates it and ask them about the payment processing, especially the waiting time for withdrawal requests. It can also be useful to ask a few questions related to bonuses, how they work, and their wagering requirements. Basically, use that chat session to find out about all of the safety aspects of the platform, and to ensure that the provider can be trusted. If they are responsive and precise with their replies then that’s a good sign, and it usually means the site can be trusted.

Quality of the Website

A scammer isn’t going to invest thousands in a website that is meant to trick just a few people. That’s why we mentioned license and payment operators. These things are expensive and they would need to trick thousands of people in order to make their money back. The same logic applies to the quality of the website and the number of games they offer.

Game packages are available via different developers and those also cost a lot of money. Moreover, if the animation on the site looks good, and if it runs fast, it means someone invested a lot of funds to create an impressive experience. In other words, you can count that this is a serious player and they are in it for a long game.

User Reviews

Finally, you can always find online reviews for just about any gambling site. If you can’t then that’s probably a bad sign. Users are pretty vocal when it comes to negative experiences, so if anyone felt wronged by the site they will share their story. If you find multiple complaints that detail how an operator scammed them, then just steer clear of that platform.


These were some of the main factors to consider before making an account on a casino site. If any site ticks all of these boxes then it’s highly unlikely that it’s a scam, so it’s safe to play there. You can create a list of websites that check out and even create multiple accounts in order to claim welcome bonuses.

Angela Boggs is a blogging expert who specializes in topics related to the iGaming industry and eSports. Angela loves to play poker, blackjack, and baccarat but she also enjoys video games like Call of Duty, DOTA 2, and Fortnite. She also loves to spend time in state parks, exploring hiking trails, and skiing.


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