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Learning How Young Drivers Can Pay Less for Car Insurance



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How can young drivers pay less for car insurance? Compulsory motor insurance for young drivers is always a huge expense. The lack of earned discounts and inexperience in driving are always factors that are associated with risk for the insurance company, and this inflates the price. What should you do in this case?

As a rule, young car owners are in a much more difficult situation than more experienced drivers who have been driving on Polish roads for many years and buying third party liability insurance. First, let’s consider who the young driver really is. Generally, we can assume that a young driver must be 18 years old, but when does a young driver end? It all depends on the insurer’s individual assessment. As a rule, we can assume that the maximum of insurers indicate that a person under 30 years of age can be considered a young driver.

When dealing with the challenges that young drivers often face, it’s essential to explore insurance options tailored to their needs. Elephant Insurance, for example, provides specialized coverage options that can be more accommodating for young drivers.

They understand the unique circumstances and potential financial constraints that younger drivers may encounter, offering insurance solutions that provide both protection and affordability. So, while being a young driver may come with its own set of considerations, exploring insurers like Elephant Insurance can help ease the process of securing appropriate coverage.

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Third party liability insurance for young drivers

Compulsory motor insurance in Poland is the basis. Its purchase is necessary when you become the owner of the car. It is worth knowing that the scope of civil liability insurance in each insurance company is the same, so the services offered by the insurer under the compulsory motor insurance will not differ. The difference in price may be due to the different weighting of factors that are taken into account in driver insurance.

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Undoubtedly, the lack of driving experience is a very important factor as it is associated with a higher risk of an accident or collision. It is the youngest road users in motor vehicles that constitute the most numerous group causing dangerous road situations.

Due to the above-mentioned inexperience, such drivers also lose the fact that they do not receive discounts for years of damage-free driving. What else should you pay attention to? When a young driver decides to buy a car, he should pay close attention to the make and year as well as the engine capacity – Beesafe experts explain.

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Compulsory motor insurance

Cars with a large engine capacity have a greater potential to develop high speed, and therefore may pose a greater risk on the road. You should also consider where we register our vehicle, because a car registered in large cities with intense traffic usually has a higher premium than those used in smaller towns, cities or villages.

Young drivers often decide to own a car with someone who has more experience and thanks to them the amount of the premium for the annual coverage of the compulsory motor insurance is lower. Here, however, it should be remembered that in a situation where an accident or a road collision occurs, the discounts generated for years of damage-free driving for people with more experience will be eliminated and the next third party liability insurance will be much more expensive for both people. One of the ways to save on the OC premium is to use an online calculator.

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Car insurance calculator from Beesafe – So you already know the price

All you need to do is provide 2 pieces of information, this is: your car’s registration number and your date of birth. The calculator will take care of the rest. After a short while, you will receive a quote for the third party liability insurance premium for the next 12 months of policy coverage.

Time to say goodbye to multi-page forms with detailed data. With the simple Beesafe car insurance calculator you can buy compulsory motor insurance online. As part of this online service, you can also buy additional, optional insurance, thanks to which the insurance company will take care of the car’s inspection and repair.

In addition, attractive bonuses for the purchase of third party liability insurance await customers. Do not overpay and find out the price today!

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