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K-9 Ruby Featured in Netflix’s ‘Rescued by Ruby’ Has Died



K-9 Ruby Featured in Netflix’s ‘Rescued by Ruby’ Has Died

K-9 Ruby, an Australian shepherd and border collie mix featured in the Netflix show Saved by Ruby, has died. The superintendent of the state police, Col. Darnell Weaver, expressed his gratitude for K-9 Ruby’s service.

Rhode Island State Police said Sunday K-9 Ruby was put down Friday following a “sudden, acute, and untreatable illness.” She was 11 years old.

Netflix brought Ruby’s life-saving service to the screen in “Rescued by Ruby,” which was released on March 17.

Ruby is played by Bear, another former shelter dog saved from being put down by the film’s dog trainers. In an interview at the Rhode Island State Police, where he now oversees an 18-dog K-9 unit, Corporal Daniel O’Neil, 41, said the story is a true underdog story.

Ruby was given a chance at life as a State Police K-9 Search and Rescue police dog and saved a teenage boy who got lost for 36 hours while hiking.

Ruby succeeded where a human search party failed — she found the boy unconscious and in grave medical condition.

K-9 Ruby Gets Honored

The American Humane Hero Dog organization honored her in 2018 by naming her the nation’s “Search and Rescue Dog of the Year.”

“K-9 Ruby dedicated her life to serving the citizens of Rhode Island and interacting with everyone she met,” he said in a statement.

She became a symbol of hope for all shelter dogs in showing the world what shelter dogs can do when given love and a chance to shine.”

According to Weaver, Ruby served with the Rhode Island State Police for 11 years and was handled by Corporal Daniel O’Neil.

Ruby, who is half Australian shepherd and half border collie, was one of the first shelter dogs trained to work with the Rhode Island State Police.

She performed countless search-and-rescue missions and performed public appearances over the course of her career.

“She lived a full, happy, and wonderful life as a State Trooper and a loving family member,” Weaver said. “She worked until the end and never gave up what she liked most—making people smile.”

Ruby lived with O’Neil and his family and will be remembered privately, police said.

Net Flix Trailer Rescued By Ruby, Starring Grant Gustin

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