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How to Choose a the Correct Style of Hair Wig for Yourself



Hair Wig, Face Shape

Hair wigs are commonly used and people used to order them online from different platforms. Even more, there are many styles and trends that you can follow when purchasing yourself a hair wig. You can select from Malaysian virgin hair collection and give a unique look to your personality. Let’s discuss it more.

Things to consider while choosing a hair wig:

If you are looking for hair wig but confuse a bit in the selection so, here we are going to enlist things to consider while choosing the hair wig.

  • Facial Shape

Recommended wig styles according to the shape of the face:

In the selection of the perfect and accurate hair wig, the shape of the face plays an important role. If you take a haircut but after you will realize that the haircut is not suiting you then what to do? Here comes the need of wigs that will allow you to wear them in any style without cutting your real hairs. Moreover, you can wear a wig with different and unique hairstyle that eliminates your time of preparations. So, it is essential to choose the right hair wig, no matter its synthetic or made of human hair. All you need is to choose according to your face shape as it will enhance your facial features and give you a different look.

Here we draw a table in which we recommend few wig styles according to the shape of the face. Please consider these options before finalize choosing a hair wig.

No Shape of the face Recommended wig styles
1 Diamond-Shaped Face shoulder-length styles,

tuck-behind-the-ears styles,


2 Oblong-Shaped Face Long wig styles
3 Square-Shaped Face wigs with feathers or wispy bangs
4 Pear-Shaped Face Short or cropped styles
5 Round-Shaped Face Long,

layered styles,

short hair styles

6 Heart-Shaped Face Long hair
Oval shaped Any style of wig

You can also wear wigs before purchasing them so it will give you more authentic options.

  • Size:

The size of the wig is also depending on the requirement of the lady. Some girls want long hairs but other required stylish short and bob cut wigs. As we already mention above that the size and style of the wig must be decide according to the face cut but when it comes to size, we can take the liberty in size. Especially the girls who want curly haired wigs or straight hairs, they can also get the long or short size. its depends on their personal choice and the manufacturers produce long hair wigs that you can chopped if you like short hair.

  • Material:

Well, the synthetic and real human hair wigs are comes in different prices therefore, people prefer synthetic as it is available in local market and less cost make it more popular among girls. Expensive accessories can’t afford by some people but not in the case of these amazing wigs. You can buy and even personalized wigs according to your requirements.

If we specifically talk about the material some synthetic wigs are very fine that you can find the difference between the real one. The real human hairs are already expensive and rare too, of someone claim that he has real haired wig then make sure he is not a fraud. Many people lost their money because of this scenario so consider the local vendor so you can check the quality and then pay him for the wig.

  • Style:

Well, the styles is another factor that you must consider for example, white females used to prefer long and blond hairs but the manufactures also produce wigs for black women too. You can get a huge variety in black women collection in which long and curly or wavy hairs are in demand. As you can see, black females would love to wear black hair wigs and they love to wear in different styles, sizes and trends.

Even they don’t have many real hairs but they never shy to wear black wigs and make their every event and moment of life special and unforgettable.

  • Availability:

The availability of the hair wigs is not a big issue. You can easily find them in local market but if you want a fine quality material and price does not matter for you then we recommend you to buy from online store.

  • Price:

The high-quality wigs are expensive and roughly starts with 100$ up to thousands. If you design a custom-made wig then you will need to pay a handsome amount after getting the wig. The quality, length, and durability of the wig fix its price and the human air is additional feature that make it expensive option.

There are many cheap options too and if you are not fond of wigs and purchase it for any emergency then you must purchase the cheap one. May be you never get the chance to wear it is, in that case it may be start damage. So, don’t take any risk of spending extra money on it and purchase the cheapest wig for temporary use.

  • Durability:

New technology of planting wigs makes it a permanent solution of your naked scalp or bald head. An average wig with 3D or 6D planting will allow using this wig for at least six to eight months. You can wear it once and remove it after many months meanwhile you can wash it with your favorite shampoo and blow dry or make different hairstyle. The hair wig will stay longer for sure.

Benefits of wearing a wig:

  • It can save your time:

If you are a working women and getting late for any party or office, you can simply wear an already organized wig and TADA! You are ready to go. The wig can eliminate your time that you will waste on making hairstyles.

  • Don’t compromise with your looks:

You don’t need to take any haircut and just wear the wig that you want to wear. It will decrease the risk of wrong haircut and if any style does not suit you then you can change it. In case of cutting, you can’t do anything instead of living with the new hairstyle. So, consider the hair wigs. Don’t worry, you would not be bound in any style and you can choose any suitable style.


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