How To Become A Good English Teacher?
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How to Become a Good English Teacher?



How to become a good English Teacher?

An English teacher uses their training in literature, writing, and reading to ensure their students are learning state educational standards. English is enjoying the worth of the international language and the majority of the countries are using this language as the second language. It is a mode of communication in many counties all over the world. English is being taught in several countries as a second language from childhood.

It is important to teach English in Thailand. Most of the children get irritated with the English language, especially when they are forced to speak in English in school, they take it hard and boring. They feel that talking English is less interesting and they get panic, actually, they need someone to help regarding their English Conversation, they often find it less interesting and difficult to understand.

How to be an English Teacher?

Well, you are going to teach the language that crosses the countries and cultures providing new opportunities for the students. Learn more about how to teach English in Thailand.

1. Create a positive classroom

It is important to focus on 4Cs when you are going to teach English in Korea. These 4Cs are critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity. Make sure you communicate and collaborate with your students. Let your learners be creative and motivate them with your easy-to-understand teaching skills. You should motivate your students about developing crucial skills, and critical thinking, when they are learning a language.

2. Build relationships with your learners

If an English Teacher has a caring, and healthy relationship with students, then he will influence life quality, behavior and attitude. Moreover, your teaching skills are important to help children in learning English.

3. Start from basic

Teaching English should be started from the learning of tones or phoenix. Yes, you can teach English letters in a way of learning the pronunciation of tones. There are four types of tones are there: High but flat, rising tone, Dipping tone, lower tone. These tones should be learned; otherwise, it is no use of learning the word because pronunciation changes the meaning of a word.

4. Learn grammar

It is a common concept that English has no grammar, but it is wrong. Every language needs grammar skills to be an expert. Grammar helps in learning the true structure of the sentences, phrases, true pronunciation, and tones.

5. Don’t be harsh

It is a very difficult way to end it needs extensive attention in this regard. So, a person can get stressed due to continuous failure or hardness. There is no need to get harsh with your students.

6. Online teaching

Another effective way to be an English tutor is to prefer online teaching. It provides a solid platform for English teaching. It is really helpful for the students because they can get your videos and learn from them after the lecture.


In this age, it is when new technologies are introduced and new ways are used to make learning easier. Being an English Teacher, you need to motivate your students for English writing and reading. It will help you to be an ideal Teacher.


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