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Learn Pre-Algebra Online: Common Techniques for Helping Students




As a student mathematics is one of the most complex subjects for them to master! Pre-algebra, Arithmetic, fractions, integers, linear equations, word problems, geometry, square roots, decimals, exponents, graphs, and all other such complex mathematical topics create a stressed-out mindset for the kids.

They cannot function with the thought of getting used to so many technical concepts at once. Therefore, the parents seek pre-algebra courses for their kids to get a general idea of problem-solving approaches towards these complex mathematical topics before they hit middle school or high school.

So, here are some of the techniques made available for you within the math course by Juni Learning to master pre-algebra online to be able to face the complex topics at school during your academic classes.

So, all of the potential learners or parents who want the course for their kids, read this article till the end!


Techniques that will Help Students Learn Pre-Algebra Step-by-Step

These algebra lessons within the online courses will give kids basic knowledge of simple and complex maths concepts. Beyond the usual addition or subtraction, mathematics also leads the students to deal with distributive property, inequalities, derivation, ratios, integration, probability problems, conic sections, etc.

All of these concepts are way tougher than the standard mathematics. But, to ensure a student can crack it all out throughout his/her academic career, one needs to climb the ladders on-by-one. If someone isn’t aware of the basic algebraic formulas, then he/she cannot take on the complex linear equations. One needs to know the exact order of operations to crack any of the mathematical equations.

1) Introducing Math Games

When kids are in a math class with a teacher who isn’t much interested in the subject either, you will often find them dull and lethargic as the class isn’t interactive at all. Hence, when kids aren’t at all interested in putting effort into trying & learning, how are they supposed to work on complex topics such as percentages, prime factorization, or other such concepts?

Therefore, what the online courses by Juni Learning propose is that you learn math skills by introducing various games to the teaching process. In this way, they will be able to clear Algebra 1 and the fundamentals of the complex topics they are about to witness in the higher standards of their academic career.

The tutors introduce card games, board games, and other such creative games in order to help students ace the pre-algebra concepts. Some of the amazing mathematical topics that can be explained through games are probability, mixed numbers, negative numbers, percentages, and a lot more.

2) Using Picture Books and Visual Lessons

The teachers at Juni Learning will use picture books and visual lessons to guide the students and help them learn mathematics in the easiest ways possible. But, the books opted for them will be specific to their standard at school. It is because the lessons shouldn’t be too complex for the kids to understand.

For instance, if your kid is studying in 8th grade, then the picture books and the visual lessons will be designed and used as per the understanding of students of that group. These students cannot take up the picture book representations made for 10th-grade mathematics. The worksheets made to test the knowledge passed onto the students are also classified based on the grade of students for establishing a good learning environment.

3) Leveraging the Modern Technology

The next big strategy to help students learn algebra lessons more efficiently is by utilizing modern technologies. With the use of modern-day technology, Juni Learning is now one step closer to making your kid perfect in dealing with math problems, which will help increase his/her brilliance level.

Juni Learning has developed outstanding mathematics games and AI assistants to help the kids get immediate feedback on their quest to learn algebraic expressions. These technologically advanced tools will help the students utilize the gained knowledge with intuitive practicing measures.


Complex topics such as quadratic equations, two-step equations, whole numbers, and pre-calculus problems can be practiced and mastered with ease. Moreover, the kids can implement test prep approaches through these tools, with the help of mock tests and practice problems that will evaluate the results in real time. Thus, a better practice environment will be set for your kid without the involvement of any math teacher.

Your kid will gain outstanding accessibilities in their approach towards learning pre-algebra concepts.

4) Sticking to the Fixed Routines

One of the best strategies for you to master basic arithmetic or algebra concepts is to motivate your kid to stick to the learning schedule. The teachers at Juni Learning are quite serious about the schedules. Even though you have the flexibility to choose your own time of the day for taking the classes, adhering to it is a mandatory need.

It is important because missing out on important classes will add more effort for you and the teacher towards covering up the lessons. You need to outline the expectations from your students right before the next class. The teachers will let the students know if there’s a need for an hour of additional sessions in the next class to cover some important algebraic topics.

For instance, if the lesson is on unit conversion, divide fractions, improper fractions, or other such math concepts, then the students will be instructed to be prepared with some foundation knowledge before settling down for the next class. The common core fundamentals of most mathematical topics depend on how you stay prepared by learning or practicing the formulas before approaching new topics.


The scientific notation of mathematical concepts demands the utmost preparation from the roots. Right from the start, when your kids are aware of the pre-algebraic methodologies, it will be helpful for them to master the difficult concepts as the grade level increases.

Even if your kid is in elementary school, he/she will still need an online course to clear out the fundamentals. It is because the academic curriculum for their grade level will still have some complex algebra topics such as absolute value, greatest common factor, denominators, and others, which they need to approach confidently to secure good marks.

Thus, solving equations in mathematics won’t be a hassle anymore for your kids, as Juni Learning is here with the stand-out range of pre-algebra courses.

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