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How Covid-19 Has Changed the Entertainment Industry in Thailand



How Covid-19 Has Changed the Entertainment Industry in Thailand

COVID-19 has brought together the entire world in a way that no one wanted. Covid-19 has brought in destruction and devastation and seriously affected the entertainment industry in Thailand. Almost a year now, and the world seems to be grappling with this virus that refuses to accept defeat.

Industries have quickly gone out of business, and the economy is in a precarious state. One such industry that has suffered a massive blow due to the pandemic is the tourism industry. The tourism industry, across several countries, have suffered massive setbacks, and it shall still be long before it can muster the strength to pick itself up.

Speaking of that, in this article, we aim to discuss the changes that the entertainment industry in Thailand is witnessing due to the pandemic. From tourism to local restaurants, everything has suffered due to the ubiquitous impact of the pandemic.


An Era of Closed Nightclubs, Bars and Casinos:

Perhaps the worst hit of all is the bars and nightclubs in Bangkok. Bangkok is known to thrive and come alive with the nightlife. However, due to the pandemic and this prolonged period of lockdown, the scenery is quite different. Most of the bars and casinos have closed down for an indefinite period.

Though, some of them are now gearing up to welcome tourists and local people again, most of them are still shut down.

Casinos have found a way to thrive by shifting their business online. Most casinos now have an online portal like the, where people can gamble to their heart’s content.

However, this is not the case with nightclubs and bars. The nightclubs and bars that have opened up, now have to follow stringent rules to stay afloat amidst the crisis.

Loss of Revenue:

Nightclubs and bars in Thailand make for over $5.5 billion each year. Their contribution to Thailand’s economy is not an amount that can be brushed under the rug. Therefore, closing them down for an indefinite period has only added to the woes.

On the one hand, the decision has ensured the safety of Thailand’s people and its tourists. However, on the other hand, the loss of revenue has become a major problem for Thailand.


International Schools, Sports Arenas and Other Entertainment Centers Closed Down:

Thailand has not only shut down nightclubs and bars, but also international schools, sports arenas and several other entertainment centers. This has added to the concerns for revenue.

Some of the schools and entertainment centers have started to gear up. They have already incorporated safe measures that would facilitate them and help them to run amidst such trying circumstances.

However, it shall still be some time until Thailand makes up for the loss in its revenue. The economy has suffered significantly. And it is not just the case in Thailand but all over the world. Entertainment centers all across the planet have shut down indefinitely. The ones that are functioning have to follow stringent rules and safety protocols.

Casinos in Thailand:

The land-based casinos in Thailand have shut down for an indefinite period, as we have already mentioned. However, the popularity of online casinos has soared ever since the pandemic got people under its deadly clutches.

People have all the time in the world to seek various forms of online entertainment. Online casinos do not require interested gamblers to step outside for gambling. Plus, it also offers lucrative bonuses and a hoard of games.

Therefore, on the one hand, where the brick-and-mortar casinos have suffered significantly, online casinos have grown in popularity and demand. These online casinos and other gaming platforms have contributed significantly to Thailand’s economy.

Till the time the brick-and-mortar casinos do not spring back to life, these online casinos shall be the life force of Thailand’s casino industry.

Wrapping Up:

The entertainment sector all across the globe has undergone massive changes due to the pandemic. It shall be quite some time before the world is restored to normalcy.

Until that happens, strict measures must be followed in entertainment centers like casinos and gaming arenas. Social distancing must be practiced, and wearing masks shall have to be mandatory.

Thailand’s entertainment industry has incorporated these aforementioned changes. Though, not all the casinos, nightclubs and bars have opened up, the ones that have opened are on a tight leash.

It is now only a matter of time until the virus returns to nature or becomes endemic, and we start going about our normal lives. Until then, this is the new normal that we have to get accustomed to.

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