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The Best Qualities to Look For in an International School



Rugby, The Best Qualities to Look For in an International School

A good international school might be the best choice for your children’s education. Whether you are relocating to a new country or just looking to impart holistic growth to your children, an international school will prepare students to become productive and responsible adults. Most parents choose international schools because they are a melting pot of cultures, they offer excellent learning programs, and learners are given the platform to harness opportunities for the future.

Most international schools have innovative coursework and experiential learning that aims to develop holistic and independent individuals. This is why it is important to carefully select the learning institution that will get the best out of your children. Here are some qualities to look for in an international school.

Learning Environment

A good learning environment will be helpful to foster positive growth and help learners to understand what they are taught. Visit the school and see how the classrooms are and how desks and chairs are arranged and also get to learn about their laboratories and assess how equipped they are.

Studies indicate that the classroom environment has a great impact on student learning. A good international school should provide a positive learning environment that makes learners feel comfortable, help them relate well with teachers and their peers, and make them feel that they can become successful. Sports and recreational facilities are also important to give learners a balanced life.


The Best Qualities to Look For in an International School, Rugby

Most international schools have a dynamic and innovative curriculum designed to offer learners holistic education. The curriculum is important to develop all-rounded individuals. While looking at the curriculum, one of the most important factors is the international school’s learning language. While most schools use the English language, there are other international schools with curricula in other languages such as German, French, and Japanese.

The International Baccalaureate is the most common choice in most international schools. Parents who prefer a different curriculum such as the IGCSE, which is offered at may base their preference on the curriculum’s strength. If you are in a new country, an international school with a curriculum that your children were previously taught would be the best choice. You should also get more information about how skilled the teachers are to offer the respective curriculum.

Logistical Arrangement

How far is the school from your home? Does the school offer bus transport, and if yes, what are the routes used? Will your children have to commute to school, or are there boarding facilities for learners? These are some of the questions that you need to address to assess how comfortable it will be for your children. A long daily commute to school might not be ideal, especially for younger children.

If you are in a new country or city, get rent estimates of the surrounding area just in case you need to live close to the international school. You should also inquire about the school’s opening and closing hours to determine whether you can pick the learners on your way home.

School Fees


Most people associate international schools with high fees. While this may be true, running an international school that meets the highest standards can be expensive. The cost of actualizing the curriculum, paying staff, and sorting out the bills is usually a factor in the school fees. Most international schools will charge an enrollment fee and yearly fees usually rise each academic year.

International schools don’t charge the same fees across the globe. Varying costs may depend on the location and quality of education. If you are on a budget, you need to sample several schools before you make the final decision.


The Best Qualities to Look For in an International School, RugbyWhen selecting the right international school, ask yourself whether the school ethos aligns with what you want for your child. Adults can create their own ethos, but the values inculcated to learners help them to become responsible and valuable members of society. Positive traits such as honesty, diligence, and integrity can help learners become morally upright adults. Be on the lookout for international schools that promote creativity, problem-solving skills, and positive communication to help them analyze problems and seek solutions.

The values you wish for your children are mostly a matter of preference. Some parents would want their kids to have more grounding in religion, while others would want holistic discipline. Whatever your preference, get a school that offers the best values to learners.

Regional and Global Networks

Look for an international school that has deep regional and global educational partnerships. Through these partnerships, learners get to meet and connect with their peers from other nations and learn best practices from each other. Interacting with students from across the globe helps foster peace and cohesion.


We know how stressful it can be to look for the right international school for your children, especially if you are in a new country. The above checklist can help you identify the major areas of concern during your search.

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