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Do it Yourself Homeowners Top 2 Roofing Mistakes

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4 Tips on Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

For people in the real estate business may be possessions for properties that people buy or sell. However, hiring a professional for home repairs like roofing is better.

Moreover, when your home is damaged, you are left struggling with an emotional loss. Home is where you raise your family, create everlasting memories, and celebrate milestones. It is hard to deal with the loss.

It is, therefore, mandatory to opt for well-designed top-quality roofing capable of withstanding harsh weather elements and one that lasts for decades. The roof is undoubted the most integral and crucial part of your home since it keeps your house insulated and protects you and your family, ensuring comfortable living.

According to experts, natural disasters may cause significant physical losses to your home.

It is, therefore, mandatory to focus on proper roof maintenance to fortify the structural integrity of your house. However, even well-maintained roofs are susceptible to damage. Homeowners often encounter faulty gutters, leaks, missing or broken shingles, etc.

Such problems may be triggered by extreme weather conditions, falling branches, debris, or natural degeneration over time. You may need to renovate your roofing in such critical circumstances.

However, remember to avoid some common roofing mistakes while carrying on with your home improvement project. Let us explore some roofing mistakes to steer clear of.

Shingle Roofing

1. Mistake: Installing New Roofing without Removing the Existing One

It could be a blunder if you fit brand-new roofing over the previous one. Overlaying is prohibited by law in many states. Even if your state does not yet consider overlaying as illegal, roofing experts recommend avoiding this practice. There could be some issues with your old roof.

The only way of addressing those issues is by removing the damaged old roof. Once you identify the underlying problem and rectify them, you can rest assured of proper roof repair or roofing replacement. Remember that you may cause more damage to the roof and walls of your home by fitting new shingles without getting rid of the damaged old ones.

Generally, this extra layer exerts additional weight and may cause stress to your roof and walls and weaken the overall structure. Contact roofing experts like Shelton Roofing for perfect roofing solutions and ensure the utmost safety.

Why its Important to Use Underlayment Under a Metal Roofing

2. Mistake: Poor Roof Ventilation

You may consider facilitating proper roof ventilation. Excessive moisture or heat may trigger deck rotting, adversely impacting your home’s underlayment and covering. It may culminate in leaks, especially during the rainy season. Poor ventilation may lead to astronomically high energy bills.

Your AC will need to be overworked during the summer to ensure cool conditions inside the house. During the winter, heat from the interior will escape forcing your home’s heating system to overwork. Poor ventilation will lead to appliance damage, and you will burn a hole in your pockets because of high electricity bills.


We have discussed only a couple of roofing mistakes. However, there are many more roofing blunders that you may avoid. Make sure that you do not install poor-quality or mismatched shingles.

By using cheap shingles, you may jeopardize the safety of your family. Moreover, by using mismatched shingles, you will end up marring the aesthetic appeal of your home. Remember to get the necessary roofing permit to avoid any legal issues later.


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