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Kids Bunk Beds a 2-Minute Guide to the Benefits and Risks

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Bunk Beds for Kids

Kids bunk beds are an optimal solution when you do not have enough space available to place two separate beds in the bedroom. Some handy information you should have before you start shopping for a bunk bed:

The Bunk Bed Concept

A bunk bed or a loft bed, as people commonly call it, is a type of bed where you stack one bed above the other to save on space. The two beds have the same frame, which means they occupy more vertical space but the floor space of only one bed.

You will commonly see bunk beds in action in places where space is insufficient to accommodate several free-standing beds. In addition to camps, hostels, and ships, people usually buy bunk beds for their children’s bedrooms.

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Top Benefits of Bunk Beds for Children

The most indisputable benefit of a bunk bed is you can place two beds in the space for one, freeing up more space in the bedroom for other essential furniture and activities.

Depending on the model, the twin XL over queen bunk bed at Big Sky Bunks may be convertible, which means you can use it as one bed or two as needed. Many of the bunk beds come with additional space for storage, which means you can have more space to put away your kids’ belongings.

Moreover, when two kids share the same room, they invariably bond better.

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How to Choose the Right Bunk Bed for Your Children

Some of the more important considerations for choosing a bunk bed for the kids include:

The age: When choosing a bunk bed for young children, you can pick a smaller bed but one that has a side railing to prevent the children from falling off accidentally. However, if you are buying a bunk bed for teenagers, you need to buy a larger size but one that is sleek or funky.

Bed height: Choosing a bunk bed of the correct height is vital to ensure it fits well in the room. Moreover, if your children are tall or if you want to make the bed last for a few years, you will need to choose a bed with more height. However, you should avoid buying a very high bed for young children as they will find climbing up and down harder.

Strength: The bunk bed must be robust to make it stand up to rough use and play. Ideally, you should buy a bed made of wood or steel even though they cost more, but you can be sure they will last longer.


One of the main concerns of using a bunk bed is the danger of accidental falls and injuries. According to Nationwide Children’s, children under the age of six are involved in more than half of all bunk bed-related accidents.

To ensure safety, you should not allow your children to play on the beds as they can easily fall. You should not also hang stuff from the bed as children can trip and fall. Making sure the bed is sturdy and providing a night light in the room helps avert accidents.

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