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Don’t Buy Another Gemstone Until You Read This: GemPundit Shares Insider Secrets



GemPundit Shares Insider Secrets

GemPundit reveals the hidden pitfalls plaguing the gemstone industry to help customers make informed decisions when buying precious gemstones.

Gurugram, August 01, 2023: The gemstone industry has long been known for its captivating beauty, historical symbolisms, and spiritual attributes. However, behind all the glittering allure of alexandrite stone lies a world of complexities, and challenges. A thriving network of fraudsters and unfair trade practitioners waiting to misguide the buyers.

GemPundit, a leading online platform for coloured gemstones, sheds light on the industry’s best-kept secrets. With a mission to empower and educate buyers, the brand exposes the problems plaguing the gemstone market.

GemPundit Shares Insider Secrets

Here are the Insider Secrets

Counterfeit Gemstones: An Unseen Epidemic– One of the most prevalent problems in the gemstone world is the existence of counterfeit or fake gemstones. Many traders and sellers often exploit the untrained eyes of buyers by passing them synthetic gemstones as natural ones. This tactic leaves consumers feeling betrayed. GemPundit strives to combat this issue by employing a rigorous testing and certification process to ensure authenticity and transparency.

Lack of Standardization and Regulation– The gemstone market suffers from a lack of one consistent regulatory body and quality control checks. Unlike other commodities, gemstones lack a universal grading system, making it challenging for consumers to compare and evaluate different stone prices. Consequently, buyers are left at the mercy of sellers, and often overpay for lower-quality gemstones. GemPundit addresses this concern by adhering to strict quality standards and providing detailed information on each gemstone’s characteristics and origin.

Exploitative Mining Practices- The mining of precious stones is fraught with unethical practices and serious threats to the environment. Irresponsible mining practices, including child labour, unsafe working conditions, and ecological damage, are still prevalent in some parts of the world. GemPundit, as a responsible and ethical player in the industry, actively sources gemstones from reputable suppliers who follow ethical and sustainable mining practices, ensuring that no human rights violations or environmental harm are involved.

Non-Disclosure of Treatment– Many gemstones undergo various treatments such as Glass-filling, Heat treatment, Fracture filling, Irradiation, Dyeing, and coating, to enhance their colour, clarity, or durability. Unfortunately, some sellers fail to disclose the applied treatments accurately, leading to misleading claims and confused buyers. GemPundit firmly believes in financial transparency and provides detailed treatment disclosure through govt-lab approved certification for every purchase.

Inconsistent Pricing Strategies– The pricing of gemstones can be a mysterious labyrinth for consumers. Inconsistent pricing strategies, influenced by factors such as origin, colour, clarity, and size, often leave buyers perplexed and vulnerable to overpaying.

Online Scams and Fraud- As the world goes digital, the number of online scams and fraudulent practices targeting gemstone buyers has surged in numbers. Unauthentic websites and sellers often lure unsuspecting customers with lucrative offers and heavy discounts, only to deliver fake or imitated gemstones. GemPundit Gemstone safeguards its customers from such scams by maintaining a secure and trusted online platform backed by reliable customer support.

GemPundit Shares Insider Secrets

The brand is committed to revolutionising the gemstone industry by setting new standards of transparency, quality, and ethics. The company’s dedication to consumer education ensures that buyers are empowered to make confident and informed choices when purchasing gemstones.

GemPundit believes that every gemstone should tell a story – a story of authenticity, ethics, and unmatched beauty. By unveiling the hidden challenges of the gemstone world, our aim is to empower our customers to make responsible decisions and cherish their gemstones for a lifetime,” said Nitin Yadav, CEO and Founder GemPundit.

About GemPundit:

GemPundit is a leading online retailer of 100% natural and certified gemstones. Established with a passion for providing quality gemstones and unmatched customer service, GemPundit has become a trusted name in the coloured gemstone industry. The company’s extensive range of gemstones including 90,000+ SKUs, export to 100+ countries, transparent disclosures, and commitment to consumer education sets it apart as a reliable and ethical player in the gemstone market.


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