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Easy Ways to Fix 4 Types of a Car Scratch

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Car Scratch repair

Even if you are a careful driver, your automobile might notice car scratch eventually. There can be any reason behind this. Maybe another person skis scrapped the car’s sides, or the branches from nearby trees trapped the windows, resulting in the scratch.

Irrespective of how it occurred, scratches are a severe problem. These are an eyesore and may reduce the resale value of the vehicle. But before you start spending at the car wash, a few things should be discussed. There are distinct categories of car scratches, and you must understand them as a driver. Spare yourself a few minutes to read the tips listed below.

Easy Ways to Fix 4 Types of a Car Scratch

  • Clear coat car scratch

These are superficial categories of car scratches. The clear coat is the exterior layer of the automobile, which protects the color coating below it. If the layer undergoes damage, the paint will fade and become dull with time. Most of the light scratches may get fixed when you polish the clear coat with the help of a rubbing compound.

It will do away with the damaged layer and leave the paint looking marvelous. If the scratch goes deep, you might require sanding the region before polishing the same. It will do away with rough edges and make it easy to apply the compound evenly.

  • Primer scratches

Various layers protect the automobile paint. After all, it provides the car with an eye-catching appearance. Another protective shield below the clear coat is a primer—the layer access to prevent corrosion and rust. The scratch will require immediate repair if it touches the primer.

The sooner you take action, the better it will be. The best means to fix the scratch in this area is by taking it to professionals. The professionals of ​​Conklin Honda Salina know how to work with sand and other special tools and equipment on the primer.

Easy Ways to Fix 4 Types of a Car Scratch

  • Paint Scratch

Although you may do your best to avoid scratches, there might be some on the paint. The most visible scratches a car may have are the ones that go through the color paint. When the car’s paint is hardly scratched, you must be able to see the metal.

If you avoid repairing the paint scratch, it will result in complicated issues. You thus require the help of a professional who knows how to fix the scratches and provide you with the necessary services. Since there are various layers to the car paint job, you will require a professional who knows how to proceed.

  • Glass Scratch

Coming to yet another category of scratches which is known as the glass scratch. These are basically on the most exposed part of the car, the glass. When these are scratched lightly, you require the help of professionals who know how to fix the problem. You may also fix glass scratches at home with a few household items.

However, it is always better to take it to professionals like who know how to use many tools and equipment and provide you with long-lasting results. Professionals can help you fix it in no time.


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