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Felix Yevtushenkov: Bridging Business Innovation with Social Responsibility



Felix Yevtushenkov: Bridging Business Innovation with Social Responsibility

Felix Yevtushenkov: A Dynamic Force in Business and Social Impact

Felix Yevtushenkov: Education and Early Career

Felix Yevtushenkov, born on November 14, 1978, combined sports and studies seamlessly. He graduated from the Griboyedov Institute of International Law and Economics in 2000, starting his career at AFK Sistema’s legal department. Furthering his education, he earned a degree in energy sector management from Gubkin State University in 2013.

Felix Vladimirovich Yevtushenkov: Diverse Roles at AFK Sistema

Yevtushenkov Felix excelled in various sectors at Sistema, notably in real estate and construction, contributing significantly to the company’s IPO in 2006. He later shifted his focus to the telecommunications sector, playing a key role in launching the first 3G network and securing an LTE license, transforming Sistema into a digital ecosystem leader.

Yevtushenkov Felix: Socially Transformative Projects

Post-AFK Sistema, Yevtushenkov ventured into impact investing, focusing on high-tech projects with social benefits. He supported initiatives like a digital blood donation platform, communication solutions for the hearing impaired, and advanced cancer diagnostics, demonstrating his commitment to using technology for societal good.

Philanthropy and Education:

Yevtushenkov Felix’s philanthropic work, especially from 2018, involved leading a corporate foundation’s strategy to better address societal challenges, focusing on educational and career development programs nationwide. He supported creative and technical educational platforms to empower the youth, reflecting his dedication to societal welfare.


Felix Yevtushenkov’s career is a blend of corporate innovation and social responsibility. His leadership in business and his commitment to impactful projects showcase his vision of combining success with societal betterment, inspiring future generations in both business and philanthropy.

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