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Features To Look For When Buying a Smart Lock



Features To Look For When Buying a Smart Lock

Before you buy and install a smart lock on your door, you first have to assess the smart locks that are available in the market today. You have to know the features that most smart locks have and evaluate the ones that you need for your device.

You should also balance the money that you spend and the amount of safety attributes that you prefer on your smart lock. Here are the features that are present in most smart locks today.

Features To Look For in a Smart Lock

Multiple Ways to Lock and Unlock Door

When you have a smart lock, you must maximize the technology offered by the device. One way to do this is by identifying the number of ways that you can lock and unlock a device. To do this, you can just look at the product online and find the options to control the device. When deciding on this matter, more is always better. When you have multiple ways to access your door, you reduce or eliminate the number of ways that you get locked out of your own apartment or house.

Most smart locks come in five or six ways of access. The typical way of accessing the smart lock is through a physical key. If your smart lock does not have a physical key, you should stay away from this device. Your smart lock should at least have a physical key available so that you can access it whenever your device loses battery. Other ways to access the smart lock are through a Bluetooth connection to your phone, fingerprint recognition, number password, and Voice Assistant. If you have the money, you should get all these varieties to access your door.


Another feature that you want to be included in your smart lock is the doorbell. This may be a basic add-on to your lock but it is definitely not available in all smart locks. The Eufy Video Smart Lock S330 offers innovation integration by including a doorbell with their device. It has a dual motion-detection doorbell. This means that this type of smart lock uses PIR and radar sensors to provide motion detection notifications through the smart lock.


One feature that you may want to get in your smart lock is the video capability. When you have this feature on your smart lock, you will be able to see the person or persons in front of your door. You will know who coming to your house and who will go out. The camera for the video of this smart lock should have a wide-angle to be able to capture as many areas as possible. If you can find a smart lock that has 2K HD, it would be better for you. Some smart locks even have Wide Dynamic Range so that you can have clarity of video whether daytime or nighttime.

Two-way audio

You do not have to shout at your door to ask who the people knocking are. You can just use the two-way communication of the device. You can ask questions or talk to the delivery guy if needed. You can also hear their response through your device.


Your smart lock is only as good as its features. You should not install a smart lock that does not have all the features that you need. Eufy has different product offerings that you can buy depending on your budget. You can get the Video Smart Lock variant, the smart lock with six options to open your locks. You can also save money by getting cheaper smart locks but with the essentials that you need for your door lock.

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