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Examining Applications for Increased Employee Engagement

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Company, Examining Applications for Increased Employee Engagement

Employees are the most important part of any business, they are the driving force behind a company’s success and their complete involvement is crucial. Yet the way employees interact, work, and collaborate has changed dramatically in the past few years especially with employee engagement.

With the advent of remote working, often employees do not spend a lot of time together which makes synergy difficult to achieve. This is why increasing employee engagement within the modern business landscape is vital, as it increases productivity, transparency, communication, and assists your business in aligning your employees with your goals.

To increase employee engagement, we will look at five apps that engage employees. We will unpack their uses through examples of their solutions, as well as the benefits they provide.


CloudApper is a no-code mobile enterprise resource platform that aims to empower employees by leveraging the use of their smartphones. With several employees working remotely from their homes, working on the road, or even within different offices, warehouses, and facilities, the ability to have a platform that is easily accessible to operate on is vital.

CloudApper enables users to create applications through a drag and drop system that requires no coding. Providing employees with the ability to create applications, through a cloud-based system, that is operable on both Android and IOS with no coding means that all employees can get involved in actioning their ideas.

The applications available through CloudApper can be used by all employees via their mobile devices, increasing productivity and transparency of the processes that occur in your company.


M2SYS is an enterprise resource platform that specializes in cloud-based biometric solutions. Accountability is vital, having a structured system in place will further incentivize employees to be more present and active. With a biometric system, your employees can be assured that their effort goes noticed as the biometric solutions created by M2SYS ensure accuracy.

While many companies may be wondering about the uses of biometric functions in businesses software solutions. It is important to note that it can be used in several sectors and applications. For example CloudDesk, an employee monitoring application, and RightPatient, a biometric patient identity management system.

CloudDesk is a good example of how a system can be made more effective through the aid of biometrics. For example, Clouddesk has effective methods of ensuring employee engagement through monitoring.

CloudDesk tracks an employee’s work hours, to ensure engagement, along with tracking the applications and websites most frequently used. To ensure it collects accurate employee information, facial recognition is used.

A major benefit of this solution is that often an employee may struggle with certain duties they have to perform. With an employee monitoring application, companies can monitor and review their employee’s weaknesses and assist them to strengthen these aspects. Leading to increased productivity like new york and company.


CloudApper and M2SYS provide solutions to increase employee productivity, and the accuracy of the data collected. However, employee engagement must be conducted holistically. To do so, an employee’s mental and physical health must be taken into consideration.

CircleCare is an application that can be implemented within your company to provide a platform or community to ensure your employee’s wellbeing. Through the application, companies can motivate employees and create wellness challenges. Through participating in the challenges, employees can engage with each other in a friendly rivalry while also gaining positive results.

For example, the step challenges count the number of steps an employee takes in a day through their phone. This encourages employees to get active and win the challenge by taking more steps.

The application also encourages employees to track their sleep schedules as well. By easily allowing employees to monitor their progress made on various aspects of their health they will be more fulfilled and happy. Leading to increased energy and engagement in the process.

Conclusion to employee engagement

Companies have always understood the importance of employees. However, as the business sectors continue to change and remain a dynamic environment companies will find it difficult to create and sustain synergy. By implementing the three solutions listed companies can ensure productivity and constant engagement from health employees. Which can be the foundation of a company’s live tiffany and co success.

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