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Congrats! Dental Perfect’s Setting Up for SIE & Dental World Exhibitions



Congrats! Dental Perfect's Setting Up for SIE & Dental World Exhibitions

The 2nd Style Italiano Endodontics (SIE) International Congress and Dental World 2023 have announce their grand coming back this year. The two major events play a pivotal role in advancing the practice of endodontics and dental care on a global scale.

And as one of the professional endodontic instrument manufacturer, Dental Perfect will join the two congresses, bringing their latest developed endodontic instrument.


Trailer: Dental Perfect in the 2nd Style Italiano Endodontics (SIE) International Congress

Style Italiano Endodontics (SIE) is one of the biggest dentist groups with around 200K members. That’s why every event of SIE becomes a mega-event. SIE is conducting its 2nd edition this fall from Sept. 30th to 1st Oct. at Grand Hyatt, Athens, Greece.

The 2nd Style Italiano Endodontics (SIE) International Congress will involve 18 lectures and 33 workshops and mainly focus on endodontics. Over 30 lecturers from worldwide will share their clinical expertise and modern techniques to help participants uplift their clinical skills.

Dental Perfect will actively participate in the event with its lectures, hands-on workshops, and product presentation. The schedule starts with a resourceful workshop led by Dr. Ahmed Shawky on Sept. 30th from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Afterward, the second session involves a valuable lecture by Dr. Alexandru Gliga and Dr. Ibrahim EL Naggar on Sept. 30th from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM.

SIE Congress 2023 Greece for SEO

Dental Perfect in the Dental World 2023

Dental World is a renowned congress that has brought the world’s leading players in dentistry to Budapest for over two decades. This year’s Dental World 2023 will be another mega event from Oct. 12th to 14th at Albertirsai út 10, 1101, HUNGEXPO Fair Center, Budapest, Hungary.

Dental World 2023 involves five international dental congresses, an exhibition and fair with hundreds of stands from 50 countries’ dental manufacturers, continuous live surgeries and demonstrations, hands-on courses and workshops, and a grand Gala Dinner.

Dental Perfect will participate in Dental World 2023 to present its innovative products and clinical expertise to hundreds of participants. Besides that, they will talk about the future of dentistry and patient care with other exhibitors and professionals.

Dental Perfect & Its Top-Notch Endodontic Instruments

Dental Perfect is a well-reputed dental equipment manufacturer brand known for its state-of-the-art manufacturing and outstanding dental clinic tools. With over 15+ years of experience and a 25,000 square meters workshop, Dental Perfect offers “perfect” dental instruments. Below is a quick glimpse of two of its top-notch endodontic instruments.

ReTreaty Kit

ReTreaty Kit is the Dental Perfect’s collaborative project with Style Italiano Endodontics. It is a set of perfect rotary instruments suited for curved canals with superior cutting efficiency. This endodontic instrument kit is meant for treating and retreating endodontic disease. The kit includes:

  • Bull #25/.07
  • SkinnY #25/.04
  • ShapY1 #20/.05
  • ShapY2 #25/.05
  • ShapY3 #30/.05

All these endodontic instruments in the ReTreaty Kit can perform endodontic disassembling through a minimal invasion way.

ReTreaty 图


BR RAP is a two-in-one, wireless root canal brushless motor with 360 rotatable contra-angle motor shank. Its high speed, low vibration, easy handling, and long-lasting battery make it an excellent instrument for root canal treatment.

Moreover, it also showcases low heat generation, smooth operation, and dynamic control capabilities, ensuring superior functionality and satisfactory experience.

Wrapping Up

The 2nd Style Italiano Endodontics (SIE) International Congress and Dental World 2023 are the major events in dentistry coming up this fall. They provide an opportunity to experience the innovative solutions and best practices in dentistry right now.

That’s why Dental Perfect will actively participate in both events through engaging lectures, hands-on workshops, and product presentations.

The presence of Dental Perfect in both exhibitions reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence in this field. So, join those exhibitions and see the future of dentistry in real action.

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