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CMMS Software: Reduce Downtime and Streamline your Maintenance



CMMS Software: Reduce Downtime and Streamline your Company Maintenance

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is a critical mechanism that any company needs to pursue. Managing assets can be an extremely time-consuming and expensive job, particularly if the company has a large asset base to maintain. Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) software may help fulfill this requirement; these software programs may take the guesswork out of routine maintenance and provide the maintenance team with the assistance they need, allowing them to concentrate on more pressing tasks.

What is CMMS?

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems or CMMS software are designed to meet almost all of the maintenance requirements your team needs. These software applications have some prominent features, such as;

Work Order Management

Work Order requests or work order tracking is one of the most valuable features of any CMMS. The tracking function helps maintenance managers track all work orders and maintenance work carried out throughout the company. This helps ensure that work orders are completed on a timely basis.

Work Order Software also helps maintenance managers to change work orders and streamline routine network maintenance. The Best Work Order Software within CMMS enables maintenance managers to set up automation, alarms, and reminders to ensure that all work orders and planned maintenance activities are carried out on time.

CMMS Software: Reduce Downtime and Streamline your Company Maintenance

Job Templates for Routine Maintenance

Templates for routine maintenance activities such as a monthly review of the facility’s plumbing system or security system ensures that the maintenance team never misses critical maintenance tasks.

These reusable job templates enable maintenance managers to hand over instructions such as best practices to their team in one shot and save them time when they need to re-enter work instructions for routine maintenance activities.

Reporting Module

A CMMS reporting module helps maintenance managers send maintenance reports and information to the company’s top management. There is a range of maintenance statistics, such as system downtime, preventive maintenance reports, pending and active work orders, etc., which will be of interest to the top management. These reports enable them to determine maintenance status and recognize areas for improvement.

Monitor equipment downtime

More often than not, the company’s maintenance issues are caused by the deterioration of the machinery. CMMS enables maintenance managers to generate individual equipment downtime reports and to provide historical repair and breakdown data for a particular piece of equipment in the past. This helps maintenance managers assess if a piece of equipment is damaged and needs to be replaced, saving the company a significant amount of time and money.

Standardized workflow for technicians

Web-based CMMS can greatly benefit maintenance managers and maintenance technicians to monitor work orders’ status. Using a web-based CMMS, maintenance technicians can access their outstanding work orders and even close work orders remotely from a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. This allows maintenance managers to get the status of the different maintenance activities being carried out in real-time and allows maintenance technicians to check the maintenance tasks’ status.

Preventive maintenance

A comprehensive preventive maintenance program is essential to the survival of the properties of the company. CMMS helps businesses develop effective preventive maintenance strategies to reduce downtime of equipment and critical infrastructure. An effective preventive maintenance program often minimizes emergency repairs to the facilities, saving the company a significant amount of time and resources.

Manage Inventory

Efficient CMMS also assists resource control organizations. The CMMS will determine the components or pieces of the equipment that reach the end of their life cycle and automatically send a warning to order replacements. Inventory control within the CMMS will also inform all interested parties when a new component has to be collected or replaced. This automated inventory control will save the company a lot of time and resources and reduce its downtime.

Sales and Inventory Management

A right CMMS will allow maintenance managers to submit requests or work orders to vendors by clicking a button. The CMMS will also be able to allocate sufficient resources to the right people to complete maintenance projects on time so that successful resource management will significantly reduce the company’s operating costs and increase overall operational performance.

Location Tracking

A vital feature of the well-designed CMMS is the availability of a real-time site and floor plan that allows easy management and maintenance. The real-time site and floor plans enable maintenance managers to track which parts of the equipment need maintenance or repair and where they are located. This helps companies to anticipate when a piece of equipment may need to be replaced and enables them to plan for a replacement in advance.

Barcode and QR Code Scanning

CMMS program that comes with a barcode scanning facility allows warehouse supervisors to quickly retrieve work order details, purchase orders, new parts, spare parts, and equipment. This helps store managers and accountants track the costs of activities and unusual expenses, helping them make the required changes to the cash flow.


CMMS  software can be an invaluable tool for any enterprise, helping to increase overall operating performance. The functionality that most of these software applications bring can be used across departments to enhance the workflow and reduce downtime of any process. So if you’re wondering how you can reduce your overheads and optimize your returns by looking at some CMMS tools, it could also be a fantastic idea.

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