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Buying a Trailer: What to Look Out for?



Buying a Trailer: What to Look Out for?

Are you looking for a new trailer and would like to know what to look for when buying one? Here, we have listed some useful tips that you should definitely read if you need help finding the best trailer for your needs. Now use our tips to your advantage!

Choose the Right Trailer Type for Your Application

If you, as a private individual, want to find enclosed trailers for sale, you quickly think of the standard model that you can rent in a hardware store when you hear the word trailer.

As a company, you may have a better idea and are specifically looking for a specific trailer type. In any case, it is advisable to think carefully about the future use of the model and to observe the following guidelines:

  • High loader: The standard model of a trailer with side walls and an open structure.
  • Multitransporter: Basically a high-loader, but with additional functions such as ramps, tipping device, and extension sides.
  • Tipper: Basically, a platform truck that can be tipped for unloading.
  • Vans: trailers specially designed for cars, motorcycles, or machines, with excellent security and locking.

Inform About Dimensions and Weight in Good Time

If you decide to buy an enclosed trailer, you should choose one that is sized to suit your needs.

However, since the law has guidelines for using tags in conjunction with a driver’s license, it’s important to do some research beforehand.

For example, you can buy a 750 kg car trailer with a category B driver’s license. With a higher driver’s license category, you can also buy trailers that weigh over 750 kg.

There are also a number of length requirements, mainly related to side markings and lighting. When you buy a car trailer through Eduard, our dealers will always ensure that the trailer meets the right requirements.

Determine the Number of Axes

If you want to buy enclosed trailers, you can choose between a single-axle, two-axle and three-axle trailer. As comes out of the name, this refers to the number of axles and also the wheels.

The more axles the trailer has, the heavier it can be loaded. But that also means that you reach the total weight faster. With a B license in particular, this is a factor to consider to find a good balance.

Buy a Custom Made Trailer

In the case of intensive use, a tailor-made trailer can be very useful. You can put these together according to your wishes using the characteristics of the trailer in our configurator.

Below you will find a number of example settings that you can determine during configuration.

  • Trailer type, dimensions, and weight
  • Height of the loading area & with or without ramp system
  • Body and related accessories
  • Shock absorbers and parking supports

Contact a Trailer Specialist for Personal Advice

Especially if you don’t know much about trailers, it is highly recommended to seek personal advice. For example, there are special companies specializing in enclosed trailers where you can find a model that suits you and get personal advice on buying the best trailer for your needs.

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