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Are Lucky Charms the Best Way to Attract Good Luck?

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Good Luck Charms

Are you looking to bring more good luck to your life? Well, take a look at some of the charms that are believed to attract good luck in many parts of the world.

We all want a nice outcome in everything we put effort into. Well, you might want to try out some lucky charms. It can be an object worn or hanged in homes and businesses, an animal and much more! There are many charms that are believed to attract some good luck to your life. Let us look at some common good luck charms you can use to attract luck.

Horseshoe for Good Luck

A horseshoe is a good luck charm you can use to bring fortune and protection. You can hang it at the entrance of homes or use it as a piece of jewelry. The horseshoe is used as a good luck charm as supported by different folklores. In one folklore, the blacksmith was forging a horseshoe. Then, the devil came along and demanded that he be given his horseshoe.

The blacksmith took the hot shoe and nailed it into the devil’s hooves. The devil walking away in excruciating pain swore never to go near a horseshoe again.

For that reason, the horseshoe is hanged at the home entrance to ward away the evil spirit. In the early Western Europeans, it was believed to have magical powers. A horseshoe is made from Iron and thus has the power to bring good luck. Moreover, the crescent shape of the horseshoe is believed to offer protection against evil. You can hang the horseshoe heels down to flow good luck to anyone who walks beneath it or heels up to prevent good luck running out of the horseshoe.

Four-leaf clovers

A four-leaf clover has been a symbol of good luck among the Irish for a long time. Each leave in the leaf clover has mystical powers representing hope, love, luck, and faith.

According to Irish tradition, if you find a four-leaf clover from the Trifolium repens are destined for good luck. According to the Celts, each leaf in the clover symbolizes good omens for faith, hope, love, and luck for the finder. Another legend believed that the four cloves represent wealth, fame, faithful love, and health. If you come across a four-leaf clover from Trifolium repens, consider yourself lucky.

Numbers good luck charm

Some numbers are associated with good luck. For instance, number 7 is regarded as ‘the perfect number’ and has been associated with knowledge, perfection, and luck in many cultures. This is because many prominent things have seven cropping.


For example, a week has 7 days, the rainbow has 7 colors, there are 7 visible planets, and the 7th son is considered the most gifted and lucky. Moreover, 7 is the winning roll in many online slots. In China, number 8 is regarded as a lucky number. This is because, in Chinese, the word used for number 8 sounds like the word of prosperity. Also, number 8 is balanced and has two curved shapes and, therefore, is believed to bring balance and harmony. If number 7 does not work for you, try 8.

Lucky Rabbit foot

The rabbit foot is believed to be charmed and therefore enable you to lead a charmed life. This originated from totemism, a belief of the connection between human beings and other living beings back in ancient times. It is believed that because the rabbits spent most of their time on the ground, then they could communicate with the spirits and gods. You can carry rabbit feet in the form of a keychain. However, nowadays, there are many synthetic forms of the rabbit foot you can choose from. The foot will not only bring you good luck but also boost your fertility and increase your harvest.

Lucky Dreamcatchers

Lucky dream catcher charm

A dreamcatcher is a good luck charm that looks like a web that is stretched over a loop and has bright beads and feathers as decorations. The dreamcatcher is hung above the bed. The webs in the dream catcher are believed to trap all the bad dreams.

Then, the puffy feathers attached to the dreamcatcher allow good dreams to flow to the sleeper. The beads attached to the dreamcatcher are a symbol of good dreams. The dreamcatcher thus makes a person happier, more balanced, and luckier. You can also hang a dreamcatcher in your office or car to ward away bad luck. You can also wear a dreamcatcher as a necklace or earring to help you carry good luck wherever you go.

Nazur Eye Amulet

There are people that evil looks are triggered by jealousy and that the evil eye can cause mental and physical suffering. If you are one of those people, nazur an evil eye talisman will protect you from the evil eye. It will ward off the evil and curses from the evil eye. Nazur is in the form of green and blue beads with alternating white circles. There is jewelry that contains nazur, and you can wear it to ward off the evil eye to protect you against the evil eye and bring along good luck.

Lucky Acorns

Lucky Acorns charmsAcorns are associated with Odin, the Norse god. The acorn is believed to bring wisdom as Odin, to gain knowledge, he hung himself from an oak tree. Moreover, if you place acorns on your home’s windows, they bring protection and ward off lightning. In the past, the Englishmen put acorns in their pockets while going for war to gain sympathy from their conquerors. Also, because oak is a great tree grown from an acorn, the acorn is associated with prosperity, youth, and fertility. Acorns are very common in the fall; you can collect them and decorate them with colors and use them to bring along luck.

The Ladybug Brings Luck

A ladybug is a popular insect worldwide that is believed to bring luck. If a ladybug lands on you, do not brush off. It will improve your luck. An interesting belief is that if a man and a woman see a ladybug simultaneously, they will fall in love.


If there are many ladybugs during the spring, then that is an indication that you will have a bountiful harvest. Then the deeper in color the ladybug is, the luckier you will be. Be careful not to kill a ladybug; it can bring you misfortune. You can create a ladybug charm by painting a lock to look like a ladybug or sewing a bag that has the ladybug prints.


You can attract good luck in your life through the use of good luck charms. They come in different forms like animals, objects, or even jewelry. Wear or hang them in your homes to shun away evil and bring prosperity like winning online slots, and to increase your harvest or fertility.



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