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9 Things to Know Before Starting a Home Help Franchise



9 Things to Know Before Starting a Home Help Franchise

Considering starting a home help franchise? Keep our top consideration tips in mind before making your choice.

There’s much to love about running a franchised business. You’ll have the opportunity to put your business skills to use, while also enjoying the benefit of ongoing support and guidance.

Plus, in the case of a home help franchise, you’ll know that you’re making a real difference in the world, which can have a significant impact on your job satisfaction level — and make it much easier to get out of bed on Monday mornings.

If that all sounds good to you, then you’re not alone. Home care franchises are having a moment, with plenty of people looking at opening up their own franchises. Ready to learn more? We’ve got you covered.

In this post, we’ll run through some key things to know before going through the process of opening your own home help franchise.

It’s a Profitable Opportunity

Franchise businesses in general tend to be profitable because, after all, if you select the right one then you’ll know that there’s a tried-and-tested business model underlying the operation.

The best home help franchise opportunities provide a base salary in addition to a portion of the profits, depending on the level of investment. There’s a growing demand for home help services in Australia, which helps to increase the chances of turning a profit.

There Are Various Options Available to You

The home care sector is wide-ranging and far-reaching. There are plenty of different types of people that need some help in the home, and, as such, there’ll be multiple opportunities available to you. You may prefer to work with aged people, people with disabilities, or children. Wherever your passion to help lies, there’ll be an option that’s right for you.

Extensive Research is Key

Once you begin your research, you’ll soon discover that there are many, many home care franchise opportunities to select from. But it’s worth keeping in mind that, just as with all things, not all opportunities are created equal.

It’s essential to take a deep dive beyond the brand’s promotional materials to get a true sense of who they are, what they do, and what they offer franchisees. There’s a lot of scope to build a great franchised business and generate a profit, but that’ll only happen if you’re working with the right franchisor.

Franchisor Support

The main benefit of working with a franchisor is that you’ll receive high levels of support, guidance, and advice. They will work with you to ensure that your business is a success because, after all, your success is their success.

Everyone should be pulling in the same direction. Before agreeing to take over a franchise, you’ll need to clarify what support the franchisor offers.

If only minimal support is given, then you may be left to effectively build your business from scratch, at which point you may have been better off starting your own venture. When you invest in a franchise, keep in mind that you should be getting more than just the franchisor’s name. You should become part of their family.

It’s Worth Getting Independent Legal and Financial Advice

Starting a franchise business is less risky than starting your own business — but it’s not entirely risk-free. You’ll still need to ensure that the numbers are sound and that everything makes sense from a financial and business perspective.

If the franchisor is withholding important information from you, then it’ll be best to walk away; the best franchisors will always give you as much information as they can.

It’s also recommended to get independent legal and financial advice from external experts. They’ll give you a level of insight that may be different to ascertain on your own.

The franchisor should have no problem with hiring these experts to look through its business documents; in fact, the opposite is true — the best franchisors will encourage you to hire your own independent experts, which shows that they have confidence that their numbers are robust.

Your Experience Matters

You don’t need to be a healthcare expert to begin a home care franchise business. But experience can help. After all, you’ll be working directly and indirectly with real people that need your help.

If you’re a healthcare professional who’s looking to make a career change, then starting a franchise business might be the opportunity that you’ve been looking for. In some cases, you can get access to finance from the franchisor if you have relevant experience within the industry.

It’s More Than a Business

You’ll be running a business when you invest in a franchise. But when you’re working in the home care field, it’ll be much more than that. This is a chance to make a real difference in the world, and there’s a lot of satisfaction that can come from making such a positive impact.

If you’re looking for a way to help people in your community live more comfortably and fully, then a home help business will allow you to do just that.

It’s a Growing Market

The conditions for home help businesses are good right now. But they’re anticipated to be even better in the coming years, and that’s all due to society’s changing demographics.

In the next decade, the number of people of retirement age will balloon, which means there’ll be more demand for the services offered by a home help franchise. If you go through the process of opening your franchise today, you’ll be in a perfect position to take advantage of the coming growing demand.

Your Success Depends On You

It’s easy to think of a franchise business as a more straightforward version of running your own business. And in many ways, it is. However, it’s also true that the success of the franchise depends on your skills, commitment, and hard work. You’ll have the framework that makes success possible, but you’ll still need to do the work to develop the business.


And there we have it! If you’re looking at starting your own home help franchise, then be sure to keep the above considerations in mind, which will help you to make the correct choice.

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