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These 8 Small, Practical Things Will Make Your Life Easier

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These 8 Small, Practical Things Will Make Your Life Easier

Nobody said life is supposed to be easy, but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard all the time. Whether you’re looking for ways to make simple chores easier, or you just want to cut down on the number of inconveniences you face in daily life, here are some simple, practical solutions.

1. Buy yourself a high-quality phone case

First things first. If you own a smartphone, especially one of the newly released Samsung Galaxy S24 models, then you need a high-quality, tough phone case, like the Unicorn Beetle PRO to protect your investment. Having the right phone case will make your life easier in several ways.

Mostly, it will prevent you from having to give up your phone to have it repaired if you drop it and crack the screen. The inconvenience of not having your phone for a while will be worse if it’s also the phone you use for business.

Take care of your device and preserve your valuable time by getting the best possible case from the start. Accidents happen and you can’t avoid dropping your phone forever. The better your case, the less time and money you will spend on repairs.

2. Get some absorbent coasters

Coasters are designed to protect the surface of your tabletops and counters against moisture. However, sometimes condensation forms around a cup or there’s a slight spill on the side that manages to make its way down to the coaster.

It helps to have absorbent coasters in this case. While they won’t soak up an entire spill, they will absorb the small amounts of moisture that can sneak down the side of your cup.

3. Use under-the-bed storage

The space underneath your bed is wasted space, but you can start utilizing it with under-the-bed storage. Just about any home improvement or department store will sell storage boxes and bags that are specifically designed to be stashed under a bed. The boxes and bags are usually long and flat.

It makes sense to store things like winter blankets and clothes under the bed because you won’t need to access them year-round. However, you can stash anything that will fit under your bed if you really want.

4. Use a flexible faucet extender

If you have kids, then you’ll love having an extender for your faucet. It’s an incredibly simple device that fits over your bathroom or kitchen faucet and makes the stream of water flow closer to you. This is amazing if you have kids because it makes it easier for them to wash their hands. They might even be able to use it on their own by standing on a small step stool.

5. Buy a cutting board that rests over your sink

Cutting boards and colanders are essential kitchen items, but they can both be a little cumbersome. When you have a cutting board that rests over your sink and contains a built-in colander, your life will be so much easier.

These aren’t ideal for washing and cutting large vegetables, but they’re excellent for washing fruit and slicing up small veggies, like cucumbers, zucchini, or even potatoes.

6. Drawers for under the sink storage

What does it look like under your kitchen or bathroom sink? If you’ve got a bunch of bottles and random things underneath your sinks, you’ll love having under-the-sink storage drawers.

These items are simple. They provide you with a shelf for placing larger items on top, like spray bottles, and smaller items (like sponges or gloves) go in the drawer below. You can also get baskets and other multi-tiered units for storing towels and other things you may need.

7. LED dimming stickers

If you’ve ever been annoyed by glaring LED lights in your house, like the lights that come from the power button on your television or game console, you’ll be happy to know you can get stickers to cover them that make them less bright.

With the sticker applied, you can still see the light and know when the power is on or off, but it significantly diminishes the glare and brightness so it doesn’t hurt your eyes.

8. Slow cooker liners

Cooking meals in a crock pot is an excellent idea, but it’s not fun to clean up the mess. Slow cooker liners make clean-up a breeze. You can even use two of them in the same cooker to make two completely different meals at the same time.

Make your life easier

Whenever possible, take the easy road. You’ll have fewer disruptions and life will be easier and more convenient. Whoever said there are no shortcuts in life clearly hasn’t been shopping around.

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