5 Steps For Epoxy Coating Your Garage Floors
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5 Steps for Epoxy Coating Your Garage Floors



5 Steps for Epoxy Coating Your Garage Floors

Epoxy coating is a trendy choice for garage floors. You can install it on almost any surface to redesign the floors of any room or garage. Epoxy coatings are a profitable and easy way to protect the garage floor from typical wear and tear.

To apply epoxy floor to your garage, you need everyday items like sandpaper, all-weather paint, a roller tray (or pan), a stir stick, or a paint-stirring paddle. Once you have everything you need for this venture, it’s time to start the actual process of heartwarming gestures. Follow these below-shared steps to apply epoxy coatings to your garage floors:

  • Start By Preparing The Surface

Prepare the surface with a base coat of epoxy primer. If you’re painting with oil-based paint, you’ll want to use one made for epoxy coating; otherwise, this will make the process more difficult. Follow directions on the can and ensure no moisture is present to avoid combustion. Clean & prep the surface by removing all contaminants like nails, rocks, or old paint with a wire brush or sandpaper, and make sure it is clean and dry before applying the coating.

Epoxy coating

  • Apply The Base Coat

Start the process by applying a base coat of epoxy primer. Do this carefully and follow the application guidelines. Once you are done with the base coat, clean up any excess epoxy mixture left on the floor with a wet rag or bisque stick and let it dry between two layers of cardboard before applying any more epoxy layer. Next, apply your topcoat using a brush, roller, or sprayer; then dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step.

  • Hold Your Soda Can For The Middle Epoxy Layer

For this step, you will need an empty soda can (20oz size is recommended), a 5mm (or 1/4″) putty knife, safety goggles or masking tape for rolling, and a respirator for dust protection. You can use a plastic or glass roller tray, but make sure you have a respirator to protect your lungs. If you find it hard to handle this process alone, you can always hire professionals to help you like this one.

Epoxy coating

  • Mix The Epoxy

With a 5mm (or ⅛”) putty knife, remove about 1″ of epoxy from the can and place it into the soda can. Add 3-4 ounces of hardener to the 1″ of epoxy and mix thoroughly with a stir stick or paint-stirring paddle (this is just enough to coat one square foot). Use your respirator if you choose to use a soda can.

  • Roll The Epoxy

Put on your safety goggles, masking tape, and respirator before rolling on the epoxy. Roll using the 5mm (or ⅛”) putty knife along with your roller tray or a paint roller. Once you are done with one side, place it on an upside-down tray to dry thoroughly for about 24-48 hours.

After the epoxy is dry, you can remove the roller tray and allow it to dry for two additional days before installing your garage flooring. Now that everything is done, you will be ready to do whatever you want on your car garage floor.


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