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5 Common Misconceptions About Drug Detox Centres in Austin, Tx



Rehab, 5 Common Misconceptions About Drug Detox Centres in Austin

Drug Detox Centres, are you considering drug or Alcohol addiction treatment ? You might have certain questions and doubts, especially when there are so many myths surrounding drug rehab. You may be thinking about how it will affect your life or whether you’ve heard everything is accurate. Worry not. We are here to help bust all the myths surrounding sober living homes and how they can provide you with the best care in your time of need.

Myth1: You Don’t Need A Rehab, Just More Willpower

Truth: Addiction, in any form, is like a disease – it keeps on spreading and harming you unless controlled and treated from the root. And there is no disease in this world that can get cured based on sheer willpower.

Yes, willpower and a positive outlook are much required, but you also need proper guidance and medications, and in case of addiction, enrolling in a good rehab center is the only way out.

Professional detox programs in Austin, Texas will teach you about the necessary tools and coping mechanisms, help understand addiction cycles, and improve your knowledge about common triggers in your case, thus helping maintain sobriety over a much longer time.

Myth 2: You Need to Enroll in a Drug Detox Centre

Truth: Alcohol or drug addiction is like a chronic disorder, which means it may reoccur even if you are extremely careful. It’s not necessary that going to an Austin rehab center once will guarantee a lifetime of sobriety. You will need regular follow-ups in an out-patient rehab, attending regular counseling sessions and group sessions.

Don’t worry if your addiction relapses. Sometimes it takes a long time to become completely sober, depending on your level of addiction and circumstances surrounding you. The experts at a good rehab facility will help you deal with any addiction-related issue you face pretty efficiently.

Myth 3: Enrolling In A Rehab Will Result In Losing Your Job

Truth: Certainly not, at least if you work for the government or any organization having 15+employees. The Protection of Americans With Disabilities Act, along with the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), will definitely come to your aid.

Under both these, you can take an extended medical leave (including getting treatment for drug abuse) while having your job status protected. In fact, many employers also have specific assistance programs that help in seeking the best drug rehab options.

Myth 4: An Alcohol Rehab Is Not Covered By Insurance

Truth: The reality is quite far from the truth. With rapidly rising cases of addiction, Drug Detox these days accepts insurance from all the major companies. If you’ve bought insurance through the ACA marketplace (Affordable Care Act), substance abuse is treated as an essential health benefit.

Even if your insurance plan doesn’t completely cover your treatment costs, a good rehab center will help you find an ideal payment plan. Don’t let the stress of rehab expenses deter you from getting the help you need.

Myth 5: You Must be at Rock Bottom to be Admitted to a Rehab

Truth: Rehab is a resource for people to get better, not just to help them when they are at their worst. In fact, the earlier you get admitted, as soon you see symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, the quicker your treatment will be.

Hitting rock bottom is different for every individual, and you need not necessarily have to wait for something drastic to happen before getting help. If any of your loved ones have indirectly hinted or directly spoken to you about our addiction problem, or any other behavioral changes, it definitely is time to get help. Remember, the earlier, the better.

Take Your Life Back at Drug Rehab

Any substance, including drugs and alcohol abuse, can take your life away from you. And what makes it worse is the myths surrounding drug-de-addiction centers. But you must remember, getting help from professionals at the right time can not only save you a load of bucks but also help prevent you from losing out on all the other important things in life.

If you are addicted, even if it’s the beginning stage, the best time to get enrolled in our Austin, Tx Drug Rehab center would be now, lest things get too out of hand. Remember, your decisions shape the life you live, and it’s time to make some right decisions.

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