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3 Easy DIYs That Will Quickly Upgrade The Whole Look of Your Home

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3 Easy DIYs That Will Quickly Upgrade The Whole Look of Your Home

Homeowning is exciting, but after about a decade you may notice that your home may start to appear dated. Having the desire to have a fresh and new looking home is something everyone wants but it can be expensive which is why many choose to never do so. Many people do not realize that it is totally possible to have a new looking home, and that you can do it on a budget with a few DIY ways helping you to save money.

Upgrade Your Lighting

The biggest thing you can do to help your home look modern, stylish and new is to upgrade the light fixtures, and if you do not have any, to add some in! Light fixtures from the 90’s and early 2000’s have a particular look and will make your entire home feel and look old.

By putting in new ones, your home will instantly look brand new. First find the style you want to portray across your whole home, wether it is farmstyle, modern, industrial or bohemian beachy, make sure this style is incorporated throughout the entire home, or else your home will look hodge-podgy and cheap. It would be best to get the same color and sheen and if you are able to, try and make sure all the fixtures are from the same company, that way they can all look the same.

Choose a ceiling fan, statement chandelier’s and lighting overhangs in the bathroom. If you are choosing lamps, make sure they are all cohesive. If you do not have lots of light options in your home, this is the perfect time add in can lights to brighten up the home.

Replacing the light fixtures across the entire house can be a little bit expensive as each room can add up quickly, so save up, and choose your favorite style. It will be something that you will love for the next decade, and will quickly make your home look much more expensive. Sometimes adding in light fixtures like ceiling fans can be tricky, make sure that a certified electrician Idaho Falls helps you install it correctly to avoid dangerous situtaions.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Appliances

This can also be pricy, but upgrading your kitchen appliances can quickly elevate your home to the next level and will make it look much more expensive. Whatever option you choose, make sure it matches eachother. The refrigerator, stove and microwave should all be the same color and sheen and ideally the same brand. These can be thousands of dollars, but there is always budget options that look fancy.

To make it look the nicest, a flat range stove with a nice back slash really stands out as well as stainless steel or black stainless steel. White and black painted fridges are styles from the early 2000’s and look old, so option for stainless steel is not only in style but it is easy to keep clean and shiny. An electrician Idaho Falls can help make sure that your appliances are installed properly as well to ensure safety.

Add Rugs and Artwork

Over time, getting walked on over and over, carpet will start to look dated, drab and even faded. You dont need to recarpet your entire home because of this, but instead, choose a bright and trendy cozy rug to add to the middle of any room, Not only will rugs hide dated carpet, but it will also add a fresh pop or color or help to bring the room together with a fresh new feel.

You can do the same thing with statement artwork that will draw the eyes away from any carpet. Make sure that you are keeping a cohesive theme and feel, otherwise artwork can easily look out of place.

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