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15 Tips for Moving on a Budget

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15 Tips for Moving on a Budget

Are you looking to move but don’t have the money for it? Our professional movers in Boston has put together 15 tips for you on how to make your move cheaper. Check out these helpful tips that will help you save on your moving budget!

  1. Find someone with a truck and carpool. If you know anyone who has a moving truck, offer to pay them for gas if they give you a ride! Another idea is to ask around at work or look for acquaintances on Facebook that might be able to help. You can also consider renting a U-Haul trailer or any size of moving truck if there are multiple people in your family wanting to move.
  2. Ask friends and relatives for their old boxes and packing supplies. You may not know this, but Amazon has some great deals on boxes. Searching for boxes sometimes brings up confusing results, so be sure to read the description carefully. For packing supplies, you can find a lot of items at your local dollar store. Dollar Tree always has a good supply or bubble wrap and foam peanuts that will work just as well as any other kind.
  3. Wait until the last minute if possible. The later you wait to book your move, the more likely movers are going to jack up their prices on you (unless it’s peak moving season). It may not be comfortable sleeping on floors and couches for longer than necessary, but you’ll save money in the long run!
  4. Be careful with fragile items. While it may be obvious that something is fragile, do yourself a favour and label everything anyway. Being charged for damages or lost property can ruin your budget for your move so keep an eagle eye out!
  5. Make your own packing supplies. Most moving companies will charge you for boxes, bubble wrap and plastic bags, but you can make your own supplies by collecting them at local stores (grocery store, liquor store, etc.) or by recycling old newspapers/shipping materials. You may even want to consider wrapping mirrors or pictures yourself instead of buying large sheets of bubble wrap every time!
  6. Do not leave valuables in the car. With so many things happening on the move-out day it is easy to accidentally forget something – if this happens just call your movers immediately! They can usually turn around and go get it for you if it’s important enough.
  7. Negotiate with friends or family to help you move if needed. Don’t be embarrassed about it, they likely know what it’s like to move and will be more than happy to help you out!
  8. Have your movers deliver your belongings to the closest place available (that will accept them) and then arrange for delivery of important items to your new home (so they don’t sit in a warehouse somewhere).
  9. Moving company surveys can be helpful in saving money even after final payment has been made, as they do not require anything more than a quick signature and some information regarding the condition of your property before and after move-in; this may result in money back on your bill!
  10. Keep all receipts for expenses incurred over the course of moving (from gas to tolls to groceries or snacks); these are all tax-deductible if you have documentation to prove their validity. By doing so you will keep track of costs, available funds, etc. while filing for reimbursement next year with the proper tax forms completed.
  11. If you are planning on renting a moving truck or other large vehicles, shop around for the best deals possible. Try to avoid doing so at your local gas station as their prices are normally much higher than those of dedicated rental businesses.
  12. After all unnecessary furniture has been removed from the home, have an estate sale or sell the items yourself online to make some extra cash. After all expenses have been paid it can be difficult to come up with enough money for last-minute necessities, covering moving costs will make life easier!
  13. Make sure to take photographs of each room in your home upon the start of the move-out day; this way if anything goes missing, you’ll know which rooms need another sweep through and where you should be looking.
  14. If possible, always try to find out how much it’ll cost you per hour to hire professional movers, if they charge by the hour then make sure you never take longer than necessary when loading or unloading items to avoid getting charged unfairly.
  15. If you are hiring professional movers to help with your big move, always ask about any hidden charges or other fees so that there aren’t any surprises when it comes time to pay the final bill!

For more information on these and other tips that may be helpful, try consulting with a moving specialist who specializes in this area. Milvus moving company specializes in all types of moving – from small moves within the city to office movers in Boston and other cities/states. On our website, you can get an online detailed estimate of the cost and duration of the move in just a few minutes! We will be happy to help you with moving anywhere in the United States of America!


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