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How to Find a Private Personal Assistant Job

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How to Find a Private Personal Assistant Job

Are you interested in becoming a Personal Assistant (PA)? If you’re looking for a career that puts you in the front seat and gets you close to the decision-makers, the position of a PA might be your perfect fit. We’ll explore the world of Personal Assistants and what it takes to land a job in this fast-paced career.

How Has the Role of Personal Assistant Changed Over Time?

Traditionally, the role of a Personal Assistant includes administrative and transactional support. However, nowadays, personal assistant job boards offer PA roles that can differ significantly between organizations, with some Senior PAs taking on strategic duties associated with Executive Assistants.

The responsibilities of a private Personal Assistant can vary across different organizations, although they generally include essential tasks that keep operations running smoothly.

Serving as the First Line of Communication

As a Personal Assistant , you’ll handle correspondence and phone calls on behalf of your manager or executive. You will need top-notch communication skills to ensure your boss receives important updates promptly.

Managing Schedules

At the heart of the Personal Assistant role is the ability to organize diaries and schedule meetings and appointments. You’ll act as a planner, reminding your boss about important tasks and impending deadlines to ensure seamless coordination that maximizes your boss’s time and productivity.

Mastering Access Management

Your expertise will extend to controlling access to your manager or executive. By screening and prioritizing interactions, you’ll ensure that the right individuals connect with your manager while liaising with staff, suppliers and clients to create long-term beneficial relationships.

Crafting Travel Itineraries

Most people who need a private personal assistant tend to travel frequently for professional and personal commitments. You will be responsible for booking and arranging travel, including transportation and accommodation. To excel, you should work on your attention to detail to ensure your manager’s travel experiences are convenient and comfortable.

Becoming a Personal Private Assistant: Exploring Entry Avenues

If you’re considering a career as a Personal Private Assistant, we’ll guide you through the journey of becoming a PA with key insights into the various pathways, qualifications and skills that will set you up for success.

Gaining Experience

In the beginning, you should gain as much experience as you can get. Consider temporary positions to gain foundational administration experience and use this background to get permanent roles. Bonus points if you’re already in administration because you transition to a personal assistant role through internal training and promotion.

Professional Training and Courses

Supplement your journey with training courses from private providers or recognised courses offered by accredited institutions. These specialized courses offer a hands-on approach and equip you with job-ready skills to fit into your new job with all the necessary skills.

Creating a Fulfilling, Exciting Career

Before signing up on a personal assistant job board, start by identifying your areas of expertise and the industries you’re passionate about. Identify where you can provide invaluable support and pinpoint tasks that align with your skills and interests.

Find Inspiration from Successful Professionals

Good artists copy, and great artists steal. To be the best PA, study the lives of the PAs you admire. Learn their stories and highlight the unique qualities that have made them stand out in their jobs. By observing their journeys, you can develop your own roadmap to the qualities that can set you apart in this role.

Connect with Influential Personal Assistants

Don’t just seek opportunities – connect with personal assistants who are behind the triumphs of successful entrepreneurs. Reach out to them through professional networks like LinkedIn, engage with their content, and understand their contributions to the entrepreneurs they’ve assisted.

A good PA is an extension of their boss. You are your manager’s voice of reason, so you are a cornerstone of their success as a professional. Own your position with pride and strive to get better every day, embrace the challenge and write your own story.

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