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How to Change Wix Template Easily | Step-by-Step Guide



How to Change Wix Template Easily | Step-by-Step Guide

Find out how to make your website look more appealing by quickly changing the template on Wix! No coding skills or design expertise is needed. Find detailed steps here!

In today’s digital age, your website’s presence is vital. It serves as the online facade of your small business. Similar to a brick-and-mortar store, its appearance is crucial, affecting customer engagement and revenue.

So, how do we boost the appeal? The answer is simple: Change Wix template you have . A refresh can skyrocket your sales. And the good news? Wix offers a multitude of templates fitting your brand’s vibe.

However, there’s a catch. How do you change Wix template? Don’t fret; it’s an easy task. There’s no need for coding abilities or design proficiency. We’ll provide step-by-step assistance throughout the process.

Stick around. Together, we’ll tap into Wix’s potential to boost your sales significantly.

Need to Change Wix Template?

Website templates are your business’s virtual face. They dictate how your website looks. Think of them as the layout of your online store. They give the first impression. They have the power to turn a visitor into a customer.

But what happens when your business evolves? Or when industry trends shift? Your current template might need to be revised. It might reflect something other than your brand’s growth. It might resonate with something other than changing customer preferences.

Here’s where changing your Wix template comes into play. Your website expands alongside your business. Your online presence stays in sync with your brand’s growth. It keeps your site current with industry trends.

But the benefits don’t end here. Changing your Wix template can boost sales. How? By improving user experience. By attracting new visitors.

Your website’s appeal can encourage visitors to stay. It can make navigation easier. It can make your products or services more attractive. It can lead to more purchases.

So, want to boost sales? Change your Wix template. Keep it fresh. Keep it attractive. Align it with your brand and trends, then watch your sales increase.

Guide: How to Change Wix Templates

Are you thinking about revamping your Wix website? The procedure is simple. Follow this guide for easy Wix template modification:

  • Account Access: Log in to Wix, landing on your site’s dashboard.
  • Site Actions: Locate the “Site Actions” button, click it, and display a drop-down menu.
  • Edit Site: Select “Edit Site” from the menu, guiding you to the Wix editor.
  • Template Selection: In the Wix editor, find “Site” on the left menu and click it. A new set of options will show up; select “Template.”
  • Pick your template: Browse through the available templates, carefully reviewing each one. Choose the template that best aligns with your business and aesthetic.
  • Apply: Found the perfect template? Click “Apply.” Your website gets a fresh look instantly!

Want a sneak peek before the actual change? Follow these steps:

  • Site Action: Go to the dashboard. Click “Site Action.”
  • Edit Site: From the drop-down, select “Edit Site.”
  • Template Choice: In the Wix editor, click “Site” on the left side. Next, select “Template.”
  • Preview: Here, instead of “Apply,” click “Preview.” Get a glimpse of your new website look.

That’s all! Your revitalized website is just a few clicks from becoming a reality. Treat your Wix website to the makeover it deserves, and relish the positive effects on your business!

Does Changing Wix Template Impact SEO?

When changing your Wix template, it’s critical to consider SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s what helps your site rank on search engines. The higher the rank, the more the visibility.

Does changing the Wix template affect SEO? The answer is it can. Changing the template can cause issues like:

  • Broken links: When you change your template, some links may break. This can hurt your SEO.
  • Missing content: Changing templates can sometimes lead to missing content. This can negatively affect your SEO score.
  • Distorted content layout: A new template might disrupt your content layout. It can impact the user experience and SEO if it doesn’t appear properly.

So, how can you minimize the impacts?

  • Check your links: After changing your template, double-check your links. Make sure they are all working correctly.
  • Review your content: Ensure your content is still there. Make sure it’s still structured the way you want it to be.
  • Monitor your SEO: Use Wix’s SEO tools to monitor your site’s SEO. Make any necessary adjustments.

A template change doesn’t have to mean an SEO setback. You can maintain a strong SEO position with careful monitoring and quick fixes.

Wix Vs. Squarespace and Showit: A Comparative Study

A website builder plays a crucial role in your online success in the current digital world. Names like Wix, Squarespace, and Showit are prominent, but how do they compare? Let’s explore!





Starting Price

$19/month $16/month $4.50/month

Free Custom Domain

✅ (with yearly billing) ✅ (with annual purchase) 🔶 (higher plans)

Free Trial

14-day trial Free trial available N/A

Mobile Optimized


Showit website builder Fully customizable Wide range of templates


N/A Unlimited 1 GB – Unlimited

Storage Space

N/A Unlimited 500 MB – 35 GB

E-commerce Integration

Available via plugins Fully integrated 🔶 (higher plans)

Transaction Fee

N/A 0% – 3% N/A

Video Hours

N/A N/A 30 mins – 5 hours

SSL Certificate

Advanced Analytics

N/A 🔶 (higher plans) N/A

Blogging Features

WordPress integration N/A N/A


Helpful support team N/A 24/7 customer care

Bottom line? Your business’s specific needs dictate the best choice. Weigh the options. Make your pick!


Switching up your Wix template could be the game-changer your small business needs. A fresh look can attract new visitors, and an updated user interface can convert them into customers.

It’s a minor tweak with potential significant returns. Plus, you can be something other than a coding pro to make the change with Wix.

Consider forgetting that changing templates might have SEO implications. So, tread carefully. With a strategic approach, you can minimize any SEO fallout and keep your site ranking high.

In the broader market, Wix competes well against Squarespace and Showit. It’s affordable, user-friendly, and offers wide-ranging customization options. The other two have their strengths, but Wix holds its own.

In conclusion, updating your Wix template could boost your online visibility and sales. So, why wait? Start exploring Wix’s diverse template options today and give your business the digital facelift it deserves!

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