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When Forgetfulness Is Not a Nice Feature, But an Alarming Symptom

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When Forgetfulness Is Not a Nice Feature, But an Alarming Symptom

​Forgetfulness is a problem not only for older people, but also for young people. We talked to experts about what it might be connected with and how to prevent the problem.

Why We Forget: Causes of Memory Impairment

Memorization is influenced by many factors. The reasons that lead to the forgetting of one or another fragment of life can be divided into two groups. Functional and organic.

In the first case, we most often deal with the phenomenon of so-called repression. Protecting itself from traumatic information. The psyche removes from consciousness everything that interferes with its normal functioning. It transfers this information to the level of the unconscious. Such forgetfulness can go away on its own or with work with a psychotherapist.

Organic causes are associated with structural disorders of the brain. For example, trauma, vascular or atrophic diseases. In this case, doctors prescribe examination and drug treatment that restore brain function.

However, memory lapses can also be caused by more ordinary reasons. Severe stress, fatigue, anxiety and heavy mental workload.

Individuals with memory impairment may, for example, face challenges when trying to recall their login information for online casinos like Bizzo Casino.

Factors That Negatively Affect Memory

Many things in our lives can affect the quality of information memorization. Risk factors for the development of forgetfulness are aging, taking certain medications, lifestyle (chronic lack of sleep), existing diseases (hypothyroidism, hypertension), previous head injuries, high levels of workload and stress, alcohol intake, and this is not a complete list.

Brain functions often weaken with age. However, many older people also have excellent memory. This is due to mental work, a high level of education and constant reading of various literature.

A proper daily routine, constant training of the brain and thinking, avoiding alcohol and reducing stress can already reduce the risk of forgetfulness. With diseases that cause problems with memorizing information, it is impossible to help yourself on your own. Only an experienced doctor can choose the appropriate treatment.

What Diseases Lead to Memory Impairment

As we mentioned earlier, there are functional and organic disorders that impair brain function. They can be caused not only by injuries, but also by various diseases. Functional failures, in particular, can be a consequence of vascular diseases, cerebral atherosclerosis, post-traumatic disorder, schizophrenia or dementia. Forgetfulness in this case can be both a symptom of the disease and its consequence.

Diagnosis of amnesia is carried out by neurologists and psychiatrists. But if necessary, other specialists are also involved. Cardiologists, neurosurgeons, oncologists, etc. Tests are performed to assess the quality of memory and brain function.

Prevention of Forgetfulness

The risk of developing forgetfulness can be reduced/

Regular dance classes can help prevent cognitive impairment by memorizing the sequence of movements and training coordination. In general, any new activity will be good for the brain.

For those who are not alien to beauty, systematically learn poetry. And, if possible, read them out loud by heart, even if there is no one to listen to. Fine motor activities, from basic crafts to playing musical instruments that require complex fingerings, are also helpful.

Prevention also includes the treatment of concomitant diseases that affect memory. This can be either taking medications as prescribed by a doctor or alternative treatment. Many clinics practice group and body-oriented therapy.

How to Strengthen Your Memory: Useful Tips

With regular prevention and proper lifestyle, you can reduce the risk of developing forgetfulness to a minimum. It will ensure a healthy youth and old age.

But often people turn to doctors with this problem in the later stages. Timely screening, regular brain function testing, and following your doctor’s recommendations can reduce the likelihood of severe consequences.

Tips for boosting cognitive functions of the brain:

  • Train your brain. You can learn poetry, learn new languages, undergo cognitive and mind fitness training. Mind fitness is a new direction in brain training. It is based on psychology and neurobiology.
  • Spend your leisure time wisely. Play board games, solve crosswords and sudoku, solve math problems and puzzles, solve Rubik’s cubes. This will not only have a positive effect on your memory, but will also bring a lot of pleasure.
  • Fight stress. Listening to music, playing sports and dancing, walking, yoga and meditation will help combat daily stress and reduce the risk of diseases associated with it.
  • Visualize. Visualization techniques will help improve cognitive abilities. Recall movie scenes with all the details. Examine and memorize the landscapes around you, so that you can later reproduce them in detail from memory.
  • Practice spaced repetition. This method allows you to store important information in memory. Here they use cards on which information is written, for example, foreign words. By reviewing the cards every day, you will remember what you learned faster and will not forget what is important to you in a couple of weeks. There are many applications for phones that allow you to create such cards and then study them at any time.
  • Eat a balanced diet. A healthy diet with enough vegetables and fruits is essential. It will saturate the body with vitamins, minerals, and important nutrients. Nuts and seeds, fatty fish and seafood, and vegetable oils will provide omega acids. This will help your brain age more slowly. It reduces your risk of developing forgetfulness problems.

Young people often think that memory problems will not affect them. But it is important to start training your brain in childhood and continue throughout your life.

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