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What “NOT to Do” When Vaping Dry Herbs And Concentrates



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We’ve had a batch of posts about best practices and tips on how to vape, how to choose an ideal vaporizer, how to get the most of your dry herbs and concentrates, et cetera. How about a list of what not to do in vaping, so as not to waste cannabis products nor wear out your vaporizer sooner than anticipated.

Try using furna and go through these “don’ts” of vaping.

What To Avoid When Vaping

Don’t Overheat Your Dry Herbs

Upping the temperature of your vape pen’s heating chamber is a way to get a strong draft, and essentially a stronger vapour. However, experts say that 220°C or around 428ºF is the optimal and/or highest point for temperature that dry herbs should be vaped.

You’ll still be able to savour that sweet aroma and absorb the CBD and/or THC elements in the cannabis strain you prefer even with lower temperatures. For this, knowing about the amount of cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol.

The effects of CBD when it is heated at a temperature of 180°C or 356ºF minimum. On the other hand, THC effects will be released from herbs at 157°C or 315ºF

But going back to the topic of overheating, getting past the maximum may risk burning the cannabis goods. Something you’ll want to avoid completely, because of the hazardous effects of “burning”.

Don’t Rush Into Vaping

Cannabis vaping should not be rushed, whether in prepping the vape pen, the dry herbs, or drafting.

Maybe work stress is high (as it usually is) or that chronic migraine is getting to you once again. Still, you have to take your time in each step of the vaping process.

This isn’t to say that it’s complex and tedious. Not at all. Simply remember these steps: Herb-grinding. Allowing the oven to heat the cannabis product for about a minute. Drafting slowly and steadily in mid-to-long ranges.

Rushing the way you grind marijuana herbs (crushing too hard) will risk having them quickly lose their flavour (and potent terpenes) in the process.

Secondly, inhaling the vapour too fast will put pressure on your sinuses, olfactory mucosa, and your nasal cavity, in general. It will also put pressure on your throat and trachea. To compensate for this discomfort, your respiratory organs will expel the vapour via your coughing. Repeated coughing, might we add.

So, go through the steps with, dare we say, “patience”.

Don’t Keep Your Herbs For Too Long

It’s okay to store your herbs for up to a year, although there are strains whose shelflife can be extended up to 3 years. We’re strictly talking about dry herbs here.

If you are able to find an airtight container that’s composed of materials that can keep moisture out, all the better. Moisture can affect flavour by causing staleness. Not to mention, the growth of mould and mildew.

That being said, the “fresher” your dry herbs, the more flavourful its aroma. In case that’s what you’re after, ask your supplier about fresher herbs and vape them as close to your time of purchase as possible.

Do Not Use Abrasive Objects For Cleaning The Vape

…even if the materials of the vape are “durable” and “resilient”. Only utilize soft cleaning tools from sponges, non-fibrous cloths, Q-tips, and the like. Some vape kits include such instruments to ensure safety both for users and the vaporizer.

Go back to the User Manual your vape came with when you bought it. If you don’t have one, that should have you raise your brow in incredulity. Quality vaporizers always have instructions on how to use the product.

Regardless, vape pens can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. This medical solution will get rid not only of debris and dirt but of accumulated herbs and/or concentrates that may affect the aroma of newer cannabis products

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