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What is Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT) and is it Really Safe?

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What is Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT) and is it Really Safe?

Hormonal replacement therapy (“HRT”) has been in debate for a number of years. Some experts consider it to be beneficial while others are of the view that it must be avoided. In fact, there are many medical institutes, such as Medzone HRT Clinic, which have released their studies and reports surrounding the safety of HRT.

One of the most important and relevant questions that a lot of individuals ask is – is HRT really safe? This article will guide you over the different aspects in relation to safety of HRT.

Is it safe?

There is a no certain or exact answer to this question. You cannot term the procedure of HRT as safe or unsafe. The effects of HRT will entirely depend on the hormones which are being used. It will also depend on the form through which the hormones are consumed. Some medical professionals recommend pills while others may advise patches and gels. The time during which it is used also have a direct impact on the safety. Body mass index is another important factor which must be considered at all times.

Due to aforesaid, the medical professionals normally consider the personal and medical history of the patient. Experiences of the menopausal symptoms are also taken into account. There is no one size fit all approach when it comes to HRT.

Having said that, some doctors are medical professional are of the staunch view that HRT can be beneficial for menopausal symptoms. Other alternative such as antidepressants, diet, exercise, herbal remedies, prescription drugs or natural hormones injections are not as effective as HRT when it comes to controlling the symptoms. Some women have found it to transform their lives entirely.

In fact, HRT has proven to be beneficial beyond its effectiveness in treating menopausal symptoms. It has shown to be advantageous for bone health. It has even been shown that it reduced the risk of fractures. It is been consistently used by some medical professionals to reduce the risk of bowel cancer.

Are there any risks?

It is evidently clear that the benefits of HRT clearly outweigh the risks that are associated with the treatment. The risks are minimal and rare in nature. There is some evidence which shows that HRT can result into clotting of the blood. However, this risk is only associated with consumption of HRT tablets. Nevertheless, this risk is still small. Furthermore, some studies show that HRT tablets can cause heart diseases and stroke; but again, this risk is small.

It majorly depends on how the consumption is administered. If it is done in accordance with instructions of qualified professionals, then the chances of such risk materializing are very low. Therefore, it is essential that doctors are consulted before engaging into any sort of HRT treatment.

The bottom line

It is apparent that HRT is safe, however, it so should be done in the right manner. Above is all that you need to know in order to get a better idea.


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