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The Steps That Will Ensure Healthy Heart After You Turn 50



health, The Steps That Will Ensure Healthy Heart After You Turn 50

The American Heart Association reports a 40% prevalence of cardiovascular issues among men and women after the age of 50 years. It is never too late to make up your mind and bring some positive changes in the lifestyle. If managed with consistency at any time of the age, such changes can do wonders for your health and ensuring a healthy heart and a healthy being.

Many times it is genes that are the main culprit of many health issues, including cardiovascular issues. In such cases, there is less you can do about it. However, if that is not an issue, then certainly anyone can aim to bring remarkable changes with the help of certain routine changes at a small scale.

The Steps To Take

There are certain steps that should be followed to keep the risk factor to its minimum. Health experts and physicians provide us with substantial guidelines that, if followed with consistency, can result in better cardiovascular health. Let us see the steps it entails to have a healthy heart after the age of 50.

Schedule An Appointment

If you have not done it before, then this is absolutely the first thing to do right away. With each coming year, the risk of having cardiovascular issues increases to a greater degree. The risk tremendously increases after 50 years of age.

Visiting the doctor will ensure the proper diagnosis of your current health status. It will also point out any underlying issues, if there are any. Early diagnosis provides the opportunity to keep the condition under control and improve fitness quality.

Eat Less Red Meat

Red meat has a relatively high amount of saturated fats as compared to white meat. It is also believed to increase a chemical, TMAO that increases the risk of heart and other cardiovascular problems. The way how TMAO eventually results in cardiovascular disease is still under study.

It is, however, believed that this chemical causes cholesterol deposits in the artery wall. Researchers also suggest that TMAO possibly interacts with platelets. Thus, it is crucial to take red meat in very limited quantities, especially after you cross 50 years of age.

Avoid Sound Pollution

Some recent studies have suggested that stress coming from sources such as sound pollution is directly linked with heart diseases. In order to understand why it happens, researchers have conducted and studies scans of brain activity.

With the stress that is coming from noise and sound pollution, the activity of the hindbrain, the amygdala, increases profoundly. The greater activity of the amygdala is associated with a higher risk of heart problems. The answer to the question of how it happens is probably due to the inflammatory response in arteries in response to stress.

Drink Whole Milk

Whole milk is nutritious, and it is rich in good fats. Recent research conducted on adults from 21 countries has found that those adults who are in the habit of taking whole-fat dairy on a daily basis have a 22 percent reduced risk of heart attack, and in comparison, those who take skimmed milk or less fat milk have 34 percent reduced risk of a heart attack.

This suggests that whole milk consumption promotes good health, and the fats found in milk have nothing to do with increasing the risk of cardiovascular issues such as heart attack.

Quit Excessive Drinking

Excessive drinking habits have a direct influence in increasing the risk factor of developing heart problems such as angina and stroke. One of the main reasons that eventually results in heart problems is that drinking makes blood pressure to increase.

Quitting bad habits such as drinking alcohol can help bring some positive changes to your routine. Furthermore, as a person goes beyond 50 years, then the harmful effects of drinking alcohol will only increase. Consult experts to help you with substance abuse, detoxification of the body is normally the first step towards recovery.

Eat Healthy Foods

The appetite certainly decreases with age, especially after 50 years. The reason behind this is a decrease in metabolism with age, and as a result, you may want to eat less. Thus always looking to fulfill your appetite with healthy options such as fresh fruits, vegetables can prove to be an added value to your life and overall heart health.

Just like eating healthy, it is equally important to limit salt intake. Excess salt comes from processed food sources. Excessive intake of salt also increases the risk of many cardiovascular issues and mainly heart problems.

Exercise for a Health Heart

American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes of light or moderate exercise a week to ensure good heart health. A person, based on personal preference and limitations, can get engaged in some physical activity.

Low impact exercises such as walking, cycling, and jogging might seem appealing to those who are dealing with other health conditions. For instance, arthritis is very common in older people, so that they can look for low-impact exercises.

Other Health Heart Issues

The probability of dealing with health issues increases a lot with age. At 50 years of age, it is very common to deal with conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, and arthritis. It is essential to take care of such conditions and keep them under control.

If not controlled, it can either directly or indirectly contribute to the risk factor of developing heart issues. It is better to take medications prescribed by your physician regularly. Regularly visit a physician for checkups. It will help to avoid unnecessary risk of developing heart problems too.

Take Away

Unlike an adult heart, the human heart, after 50 years of age, is at greater risk of developing problems. It is thus substantially important to take preventive measures and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Doing the right things in the right order can help to enjoy a healthy heart even after 50 years. On top of all, stay positive and stay happy. It shall definitely add more value to life.


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