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Soap Making Supplies Every Soap Maker Needs



Soap Making Supplies Every Soap Maker Needs

If you’re planning to make your own handmade soap, you’ll need to gather a list of soap making supplies. The right supplies can improve the quality of the final product. Here are a few key items every soap maker needs to begin making their own soaps:

Soap Base

Every soap maker should carry a variety of soap bases. You’ll find numerous melt-and-pour soap bases with options like goat milk and shea butter. Soap bases may be made with cocoa butter, oatmeal, hemp oil, aloe vera, honey, and other ingredients.

You can find soap bases designed for specific products. Many of today’s products are hypoallergenic and plant-based, allowing people to make soap for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

If this is your first time making soap, you may want to start with a glycerin soap base. Glycerin is gentler on dry and sensitive skin, helping to prevent the soap from drying you out.


To make soap, an alkali must be mixed with a fat or oil base. Lye is a common alkali and may be referred to as sodium hydroxide in soaps. It is used to solidify the oil so that it hardens into a bar of soap. If you’re making liquid soap, you would likely use potassium hydroxide. Include an alkali supply in your inventory for the saponification process, which is used to create your final soap product.

Other Ingredients

The other ingredients you choose to add to your soap will reflect how you want the soap to look, smell, and function. The exact combination of ingredients helps make your homemade soap unique.


You’ll need to add some type of oil to your soap mixture. Olive oil is a popular choice, but you can also select coconut, jojoba, or palm oil. They are easy to work with, making them a great option for beginners.


Choose a fragrance oil to give your soap a smell you like. You can choose lavender for its relaxing properties or peppermint for its revitalizing scent. One of the fun aspects of choosing your soap making supplies is mixing fragrances. You can come up with your own fragrance by mixing multiple oils.

Nourishing Ingredient

You can add specific ingredients to your soap to provide nourishment for your skin. Shea butter is often a cost-effective option and leaves your skin feeling soft. You can also choose coconut butter or coconut oil. You might add in Vitamin E, which softens dry skin.


You’ll want to make your soap look as pretty as it smells. One of the easiest ways to do this is by adding herbs or spices. Many of these ingredients change the color of the soap naturally. Turmeric turns the mixture a light shade of yellow, which can become darker as you put more into your soap.

Cinnamon can create a brownish hue, while peppermint leaves add a green shade. For a wider range of colors, choose a powdered pigment. You can use the color to create swirls and shapes in your soap.


Along with your ingredients, you’ll need some specific tools to create your soaps. The first is a pan if you’re using the hot process to mix your ingredients. A slow cooker is ideal because it can cook at a low temperature. Don’t forget something to stir the ingredients with, along with measuring cups to help you get the right combination amounts.

You’ll need to include at least one soap mold in your inventory to pour your mixture into. The soap mold allows the soap to harden in a specific shape. A soap loaf pan is a popular choice, but you can get creative if you want a unique shape.

Use a flower mold for a decorative touch or a snowflake mold for a winter soap. The soap molds you include in your soap making supplies can help add personality to your final product.

Purchase Soap Making Supplies in Bulk

If you plan to make soaps to sell, consider purchasing your supplies in bulk. Bulk suppliers may offer the ingredients at a discounted rate, which could help you save money. Choose items of high quality to make the best quality soaps for your customers. Begin by creating your own list of supplies and finding a reliable ingredient supplier for your soap making project.

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