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In Order To Prevent Mosquito Bites And Mosquito Breeding, Here Are Some Tips



In Order To Prevent Mosquito Bites And Mosquito Breeding, Here Are Some Tips

(CTN News) – Around New Mexico, as the monsoon season kicks into full swing, mosquitoes are coming out in full force to give you a buzz.

The City of Albuquerque and Bernalillo County have issued a series of tips that will help keep mosquitoes and their bites at bay.

Mosquito breeding can be prevented by following a few simple tips

  • Getting rid of water-holding containers where mosquitoes lay their eggs is very important, such as old tires, discarded trash and cans, and pet dishes that collect water

  • If you find any objects around your home that have collected water after it rains, you should dump out the water including children’s toys, flower pots, and wheelbarrows, as soon as possible

  • Change the water in birdbaths on a regular basis

  • Pools and ponds in the backyard should be maintained on a regular basis

  • You should ensure that rain barrels are equipped with a screen in order to prevent leaks

  • Make sure that water does not stand for an extended period of time when flooding is being used for irrigation

“We see a lot of instances where people are unknowingly breeding mosquitoes in their homes.

The best way to control the population is to prevent from breeding, and this is something everyone in Albuquerque and Bernalillo County has a role to play in this process, says Nick Pederson, Urban Biology Manager at the City’s Environmental Health Department.

Mosquito bite prevention tips to help you stay as safe as possible

  • During the time and location when the mosquitoes are most active (dawn and dusk) avoid going outdoors at these times and places.

  • Insect repellents with proven effective ingredients, such as DEET, are a good choice

  • After dusk, it is advisable to wear light-colored, loose, long clothing when outdoors

  • Ensure that your pets are getting the right heartworm medication on a regular basis

Due to the high levels of river runoff this year, the city and county are expecting to see a higher than normal number of mosquitoes this year.

Using the tips above to prevent breeding, everyone can do their part to reduce the high population by taking precautions to help prevent mosquito breeding.


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