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How Medical Cannabis is Shaping The Future Of Thailand



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The use of Medical Cannabis in Thailand has increased tremendously since its recent legalization. However, this move has given rise to maximized recreational consumption by underage citizens. Thailand has now resolved to increase the growth of cannabis for medical purposes. The good news is that cannabis is still regarded as a Type 5 Narcotic. Misusing it attracts steep penalties in Thailand.

A Promising Business Escapade

As much as Thailand has embraced cannabis for research and medicinal purposes, the business aspect is quite phenomenal. Cannabis farming with the best marijuana seeds is shaping Thailand’s future in many ways, including the import and export business.

From the global perspective, cannabis has garnered a rough estimate of about US $150 Billion. Cannabis’ potential has seen Thailand strike lucrative deals with foreign investors.

To top it up, Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, Anutin Charnvirakul, proposes the addition of cannabis plantations. In turn, this will spark hospitals’ growth due to the use of cannabis for medical purposes.

The business ventures would significantly expand if it were legalized completely. Producers and farmers would reap bounty harvests if the government lifted partial bans on marijuana.

Thailand’s Timely Transition

Marijuana has always been viewed as a social evil. This is not the case in Thailand since the country has embraced it as a medicinal herb. Additionally, Thai universities are on the prowl for ground-breaking information on cannabis.

Marijuana attained the notoriety status in 1934 when soldiers of American origin consumed it with reckless abandon. They were based in Thailand and spread the word of their discovery back home.

Since then, marijuana was highly sought in the medical arena because it contains cannabinoids that have been tested and proven. It’s used to treat the side effects of chemotherapy; vomiting and nausea.

Thailand’s Priorities

Thailand seems to be getting its priorities right, especially when it comes to marijuana issues. Due to its tremendous health benefits, it’s safe to say that marijuana is immensely shaping Thailand’s future.

Logistics have been put in place to ensure that cannabis becomes a significant part of Thailand’s economy. For instance, bodies such as Medicinal Cannabis Research Institute have been set up to ensure that only quality Marijuana reaches hospitals across Thailand.

Everyone Benefits

One way to taste the gains of marijuana in Thailand is by collaborating with the government. A lot has happened, especially in connection to the marijuana revolution.

Thailand is in the process of bringing the use of marijuana under control. Working as an individual is only as good as having charges pressed against you. That’s why farmers and entrepreneurs are required to work together towards making cannabis the center of Thailand’s economy.

The future seems promising as the government is working hard to educate and sensitize the general public on marijuana. Everyone involved will benefit significantly from marijuana plantations.

The Future Is Medical

Thailand is more vocal about making cannabis a medical venture rather than a recreational one. As a result, natives are on the lookout for cheap marijuana products from various online cannabis stores as well as having overdoses.

Medical marijuana boasts multiple benefits, including:

  • Chronic pain relief. Due to its unique chemical makeup, cannabis has been effective in relieving chronic pain. The presence of cannabinoids makes this benefit possible to access.
  • Treatment of depression. Cannabis has been known to be a mood stabilizer for the longest time. This is as a result of the endocannabinoid compounds that are present in cannabis.
  • Heals broken bones. There are numerous remedies for broken bones, but cannabis can be quicker. What’s more, it strengthens the bones during the healing process.
  • Might regulate and prevent diabetes. Cannabis has a huge positive impact on insulin. It can lower blood pressure and stabilize blood sugars.

Favorable Conditions

Thailand’s economy is growing, thanks to cannabis. The conditions are favorable for this precious commodity to expand further. The Thai government has put a set of directives to nurture the potential source of their economic breakthrough.

Some of them include:

  • Setting up Pela Plern Herbal Development Center. Its main functions are growing and supplying cannabis plants for purely medical uses.
  • Opening a marijuana clinic. This is where homegrown products are put into proper use. The government offers these products and general care free of charge to patients with Parkinson’s disease, insomnia, and cancer.
  • Sensitizing community groups on the importance of growing cannabis. In turn, members of the community are keen on doing the same for medical reasons.

Income Boost

There’s increased and sustainable income generation in the wake of the ever-growing popularity of cannabis in Thailand. Cannabis has become significant in Thailand to the world over, thanks to its well-articulated growth strategies.

Grassroots farmers and producers also get to have a slice of the pie. They grow marijuana and are assured of income to improve their lives’ quality. The government allows a maximum of 6 seedlings per household.

Worthy Investment

So far, the government of Thailand can term cannabis as an excellent investment. In 2019, 100 million Baht ($ 3,187,403) was invested in the indoor facility. The government purchased about 12,000 cannabis seedlings to show their commitment to the cannabis industry.

Fast forward to a year, and the entire nation boasts of job creation and multiple health facilities. Foreign investors are drawn from every part of the globe as a result of this daring stunt.

The Legal View

The legal fraternity is yet to loosen up and give cannabis full freedom to uplift Thailand’s economy. At the moment, Thailand is looking to legalize marijuana for all purposes, including recreational.

Weed has been illegal for close to 90 years due to misuse and easy access by minors. The government is considerate of certain factors before cannabis becomes fully legal.

For instance, the supply and demand curve in Thailand is gaining stability by the day. Harsh regulations by the government will only jeopardize the country’s economy.

Promotion of Tourism

Tourists come from far and wide to have a taste and feel of Thai cannabis. Thailand takes health and wellness very seriously and always includes cannabis in the mix.

The tourism sector thrives and is sure to earn foreign exchange. People worldwide are eager to try the wellness treatments and cosmetics that are homegrown in Thailand. As a result, the tourism sector is flourishing.

The Bottom Line

Cannabis has helped shape Thailand’s future by growing the economy in all the ways listed above. When granted the right cannabis platform, Thailand is ready to take the world by storm.


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