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Top 5 Home Remedies for Tooth Pain



Managing Emergency Tooth Pain at Home

No one likes to witness tooth pain! As it can signal several things, from a cavity to a gum ailment. And the challenging part of emergency tooth pain is that it can occur anytime. You could be at a family gathering where you find that your gums start to pain excruciatingly.

At times, the pain might get accompanied by bleeding. In that case, you must ensure that the bleeding stops soon. You can apply ice packs or medicated ointment suggested by your dentist. According to Woven Earth, there are herbal oils that are known to relieve tooth pain after application. The solution you choose is based on the intensity of the pain.

tooth pain

Managing Tooth Pain

There have been instances where people faced extreme pain in their jaws, gums, and teeth in the middle of the night. It is never a pleasant thing to witness. When this happens, you can’t sleep, and neither can you apply anything as you don’t know how it will react.

Even walking into a dentist’s chamber is not an option until the dentist works round the clock. You might search for a 10010 dentist near you to share your complaint and get an urgent solution. Chances are you have to wait to visit in the morning.

How do you tackle the pain until then? This article will share some of the best guidelines to help you manage your tooth pain in the best way possible. The tactics that can work for you are:

Call the dentist

There are no two thoughts about this. If you have a family dentist, go ahead and make a call and share your dental woe. They will ask you questions about dental pain and suggest a few medicines you can source at the earliest.

The dentist can gauge from your description about the pain and what could be the probable cause for the same. But till such time you meet them in person, you can consider having the medicine to steer clear of the pain.

If you have a family dentist, it will work in your favour. Since they know about your medical history, they will suggest medicines and painkillers that will not affect your immune system.

For instance, if you have gastric issues, the dentist will suggest a low-dose painkiller that will numb the pain and won’t cause any harm to your stomach.

The toothache gels and drops

It is an over-the-counter option that you can avail of based on the pain’s severity. If you find the pain unbearable, you can opt-in for one of the drops and gels to reduce the pain.

If you have used a gel or a toothache ointment before, you can opt-in for the same. But when you don’t know of one, it is essential to seek the same from a trusted medical store that will provide you with the best treatment gel which will work on the affected area and not cause any side effects.

Changing your sleep position

Sleeping on the side where you have the pain is never advisable. That will aggravate the pain. For instance, you should sleep on the opposite side if you face acute pain in the right gums and jaw. You can also try to sleep on your back as that is a balanced position and never causes anyone any harm.

If the ache travels to your neck, head, and shoulders, you should try and add support to feel comfortable. Try not to clench your jaws, as that will aggravate the pain.

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Use ice packs

It is one of the common home remedies to manage your excruciating toothache. But you shouldn’t be applying it directly to your face. You should take a few ice cubes, place them on a cotton cloth, and dap them over the jaw.

The cold that comes from the ice helps soothe the nerves and can help ease the pain to a huge extent. Using an ice pack shouldn’t substitute any medication that might be required. It is a temporary method that can relieve you until you visit the dentist.

You can rinse with hydrogen peroxide

If you want temporary relief, try rinsing your mouth using hydrogen peroxide after diluting it in water. You can start by using a 3% concentration of hydrogen peroxide.

Here you need to mix two parts of the water with 1 part of the hydrogen peroxide. Once you have swished it in your mouth for close to 60 seconds, ensure that you don’t swallow this. Once you finish this, you can rinse your mouth with water.

According to a trusted review in 2011, using hydrogen peroxide with water can help in bringing down gum inflammation.

tooth pain

You can have peppermint tea

According to the latest studies, peppermint tea is said to ease the mouth’s painful area. Some trusted sources suggested that peppermint tea has several antimicrobial properties that can help fight against the bacteria in the mouth, resulting in tooth decay.

You need to boil water and add peppermint leaves to it. You can use a teabag or add loose peppermint leaves to the water. Once you cool the mixture, you can use it to rinse your mouth and clean your mouth. Repeat the process as and when you want to.

That aside, you can also use clove oil and garlic to reduce the excess pain. At times, using these home remedies can relieve you of pain. But that doesn’t mean you should skip the dentist’s visit. Temporary relief doesn’t mean complete remedy.

Once you have brought the toothache to manageable pain, you can check with the dentist to find the root cause. That way, you can remedy it correctly and not leave the pain untreated, only to develop into something severe in the days to come.

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