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Dispelling Common Eyelash Extensions Myths!



Dispelling Common Eyelash Extensions Myths!

This one’s for lash enthusiasts and skeptics alike! Let’s talk about eyelash extensions – they’ve been all the rage for a while now, adding that extra oomph to our eye game.

But, as with anything popular that is toeing the line between being new and long lasting, there are myths floating around that might make you think twice about getting them yourself. Fear not! We’re here to set the record straight and debunk some of these eyelash extension myths.

Myth 1: Eyelash Extensions Damage Your Natural Lashes

The Myth:

One of the biggest fears is that eyelash extensions will ruin your natural lashes. The horror stories of people losing their lashes might have you running for the hills.

The Reality:

Here’s the deal – when applied correctly by a professional Lash Tech, eyelash extensions do not damage your natural lashes. The key is proper application and maintenance.

The extensions are attached to individual lashes, and they fall off with the natural lash cycle. It’s all about finding a good Lash Technician who knows their stuff – check out their social media and their reviews to make sure they’re going to do a great job for you.

Myth 2: You Can’t Get Them Wet

The Myth:

Ever heard the one about not getting your eyelash extensions wet? Showering, swimming, and crying at sad movies – apparently, all off-limits.

The Reality:

This is a myth leftover from the early days of lash extensions when lash extensions weren’t made of synthetic fibers and the glue wasn’t up to scratch.

Yes, for the first 24 hours post-application, you should avoid getting them wet to allow the glue to set properly, but after that you can treat them as if they’re your own lashes.

Regular cleansing of the lashes is actually important to keep them looking great and free from debris or natural oils, which might break down the adhesive quicker. Every day, you should be cleansing your lashes with a specially formulated cleanser for lash extensions, rinsing them well with cool or lukewarm water, patting dry and brushing them through with a spoolie to keep them nice and fluffy.

Myth 3: Eyelash Extensions Are All Made from Mink Fur

The Myth:

Many believe that all eyelash extensions come from the fur of minks. Animal lovers, this one’s especially troubling.

The Reality:

While mink lashes were once a thing, they have (thankfully) dwindled to simply being a myth. These days, synthetic options like faux silk, faux mink, and faux cashmere are widely available and popular.

These alternatives are most often made from a synthetic fiber called PBT, which maintains its shape, and provides the same lush look without any animal involvement. So, you can have your glam and ethical peace of mind too.

Myth 4: Eyelash Extensions Are One-Size-Fits-All

The Myth:

Some people think that eyelash extensions are a one-size-fits-all affair – you get what you get, and you don’t get upset.

The Reality:

The truth is, eyelash extensions are highly customizable. Length, curl, volume, shape, color – there’s a HUGE variety to choose from. A skilled lash artist will assess your natural lashes and eye shape to recommend the best style for you, both in terms or aesthetics and what’s safe for your natural lashes, and it’s up to you whether you want to opt for a subtle and soft set with brown lashes, keep it simple with a standard black set of lashes or if you want to really draw attention by adding colored lashes to your set!

Myth 5: They Are High Maintenance

The Myth:

The word on the street is that eyelash extensions are super high maintenance, requiring constant upkeep.

The Reality:

While they do require some care, it’s nothing too taxing. Avoid oil-based products around your eyes, wash them daily as part of your skincare routine, brush them gently with a spoolie, and get refills every 2-4 weeks to keep them looking fresh. It’s a small price to pay for waking up every day with dream lashes!

Myth 6: The Application Process is Painful

The Myth:

Some folks think getting eyelash extensions is a painful ordeal, akin to some medieval torture!

The Reality:

Fear not! The process is completely pain-free. You just lie back and relax while your Lash Technician works their magic – it’s really common for clients to fall asleep for the duration of their appointment. That’s right, beauty sleep AND beautification!

So, there you have it – a myth-busting journey through the world of eyelash extensions. Like with any beauty treatment, the key is to do your research, find a reputable technician, and understand what you’re getting into. Now that you’re armed with the facts, go forth and flutter those fabulous lashes!

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