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How To Choose The Right Hanging Cocoon Chair For Your Garden?



How To Choose The Right Hanging Cocoon Chair For Your Garden?

If you want to create a corner of privacy and a special relaxing atmosphere in your home, try to do it with the help of a hanging cocoon chair. It is a chair with a seat, which has a rounded shape and resembles a cocoon from which a butterfly hatches. But this piece of furniture doesn’t just look unique and interesting, it can bring a zest to the interior or even become an accent of design.

Such a comfortable place to sit creates a partially isolated interior space in which you can isolate yourself from the events around you, hide from everyone, relax, think about something, read books, or enjoy gambling at Vave login on your laptop.

Sitting in such a chair is comfortable and pleasant: you can choose a comfortable position, sit or lie down, cover yourself with a blanket, or put a pillow under your back or head.

Although this is a non-standard model, it is almost universal, as it organically fits with different interior styles. In addition, the chair can be safely placed outside, if you choose materials resistant to moisture and temperature changes.

Different types of cocoon chairs

If you do not yet know how to choose the right cocoon chair, then consider the main types of models, depending on the fixation and placement:

  1. A suspended cocoon chair is attached to the ceiling and hangs from a chain or other similar element.
  2. Floor-fixed cocoon chairs also involve fastening, but the floor is used as a base. This option is more reliable and preferable if the ceiling has insufficient thickness and strength.
  3. Models on a stand are characterized by mobility, which is their main advantage. The seat also hangs, but it is not attached to the ceiling, but to the main part of the structure, the lower part of which serves as a support.
  4. A swinging armchair with a rigid frame has a seat of a fixed shape, which is preserved in the process of operation. The soft frame makes the chair cocoon similar to a hammock. The seat is soft, changes shape when changing the position of the sitting body.
  5. Egg cocoon chairs. Such models have a correct perfect spherical shape, which looks very original.

Cocoon assumes a deeper and more closed interior space, which will allow you to create a partially isolated area in the room. Some models have a fully enclosed or even buttoned seat.

What materials are cocoon chairs made of?

The material is an important selection criterion as it affects the performance and durability. Interestingly looking rattan would be an ideal option for outdoors. Wood is an environmentally friendly and noble material, but it is susceptible to moisture. Metal is strong, but has a significant weight and can rust when in contact with water. Textiles are suitable for frameless seats, upholstery, or soft liners, and they can be in a variety of fabrics. Plastic is a light and inexpensive material, but quite fragile and not the most durable. If you choose a cocoon chair for outdoors, give preference to materials that are resistant to moisture and temperature fluctuations.

How to fit the cocoon chair with the interior of your home?

If the interior of your home is classic, give preference to laconic forms and natural materials, such as wood. The style of high-tech will fit the model of glass on a chrome rack with metal bars. White plastic is also suitable. The shape can be spherical or egg-shaped. If the room is made in the Mediterranean style, then pick up a wicker rattan chair or a light-colored one with a frame in the form of a spider web. Whether you choose an egg-shaped, hammock cocoon chair, or other types of swinging chairs, this piece of furniture will perfectly complement a modern interior. You just need to choose the right cocoon chair and enjoy this cozy spot!

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