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10 Best Hairstyles for Balding Men

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10 Best Hairstyles for Balding Men

Hairstyles for Balding Men – Do you know 95% of male pattern baldness occurs due to a hereditary condition, androgenic alopecia? If you are lucky, you might not shed hair in your early 20s or 30s.

But many men experience premature hair loss or thinning. Some of them end up shaving their entire head just to avoid the bald patches, while others experiment with different hairstyles that conceal their thinning hair.

If you are considering the latter, this post is for you. We have come up with 10 interesting hairstyles that can help you hide your premature hair loss and flaunt a stunning hairstyle. Let’s get started.

1. Buzz Cut hairstyles for balding men

The best way to divert people’s attention to your face and make your hair loss unnoticeable is by getting a buzz cut. If you are not ready to shave your head, this haircut is just the right fit for you. You trim your hair to a short length, which is just about the size of the hair on the rest of your face. Celebrities, like Nick Jonas and Zayn Malik, have tried this hairstyle and they looked fantastic. You can flaunt it too. A buzz cut is for men experiencing balding around the crown area and the hairline.

2. Slick Back hairstyles for balding men

Slicked-back hairstyles have been a trend in young men for a long time. The hairstyle is pretty simple. You just need to apply hair gel to bunch all your hair strands together and push them back using a comb. Men with less hair volume or bald patches in visible areas can try the slicked-back hairstyle to conceal those patches while looking fabulous.

It’s a masculine hairstyle that draws attention to your hair but barely shows your baldness. This hairstyle also makes your hair look thicker than usual. Once done with the setting, apply some hair spray to set your hair in place and you are good to go! The only downside to this hairstyle is that you can’t wear it every day.

3. High and Tight hairstyles for balding men

Another military-inspired hairstyle that works perfectly for balding men is high and tight. You leave the hair on the sides short, like in crew and buzz cut, and keep the height of the hair on top a little longer. This makes the area with long hair more noticeable, thus hiding your receding hairline or patches. High and tight is not the fancy hairstyle that would require a lot of hair gel and spray, but it surely conceals your baldness perfectly and is quite easy to maintain. If you have a receding hairline or are worried about less hair density, try this hairstyle.

4. Messy Haircut hairstyles for balding men

A messy haircut is another interesting way to drive attention away from your bald patches. After showering and conditioning, dry your hair naturally with a towel and leave it uncombed. You can use your fingers to create a messy look. For this hairstyle, you must keep the hair length short.

5. Taper Fade hairstyles for balding men

Another slicked-back-inspired hairstyle, Taper Fade, hides your hairline effortlessly. For this hairstyle, cut the hair on the sides short until they match your skin. You collect your mid-length hair on top of your head and create a pompadour hairstyle by gently rolling them back. This soft, easy-to-create hairstyle is a go-to choice for men experiencing premature hair loss.

6. Shaved Head With a Beard hairstyles for balding men

There are many options for hair replacement for men. One such is the toupee for men that covers bald spots. If you have lost a considerable volume of your hair or have gone completely bald, you might want to give toupee a try. These can be attached to your scalp with an adhesive and can last for 3-6 weeks when maintained well. Then again, the hair system for men is not for everyone. Men with sensitive scalps might want to leave it as it is. Having a full-grown beard with a bald scalp is a great idea in such cases.

7. Spiky Hair hairstyles for balding men

This 90s hairstyle is back in trend. Luckily, we have its refined version that’s easier to create and maintain. Men with short hair with less density can wear this combination of messy yet cute hairstyle that’s far less rigid than the 90s version. If you have a receding hairline, wear your hair this way and see the magic.

8. Brushed Back hairstyles for balding men

Who says your baldness has to make you look old when you can use it to create hairstyles like this?

Brushed back is another easy-to-create hairstyle for men wanting to conceal their bald patches. Apply a small volume of gel and brush your hair backward, i.e. away from the hairline and keep the hair on the sides short. The fades on the sides will give your hairstyle a perfect contrast.

Make sure you leave hair on the sides and back short while keeping the length on top of your head a bit longer to create an illusion of voluminous hair.

9. Side Part hairstyles for balding men

A side part is certainly more appealing than a middle parting and looks amazing on most men. If messy and crew cuts do not work for you, go for this neat and professional-looking hairstyle. It’s an easy and quick way to hide your receding hairline while drawing attention to your parting. It looks more gorgeous on men with wavy hair, as it gives your hair more volume.

10. Undercut hairstyles for balding men

Another side-faded hairstyle-inspired option is an undercut. You leave the hair on the side either short or faded and grow hair on top of your scalp. The only difference between this and pompadour or slicked-back hairstyles is that an undercut gives a very neat and polished look with voluminous hair on top. The length difference between the sides of your head and the crown makes your hair appear thicker and more voluminous than they actually are.


Male pattern baldness or other causes of hair loss in men can be intimidating, especially if they affect young men. You can try toupee and hairpiece for men or carry the above-listed hairstyle to look classy despite the baldness or receding hairline.

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