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The Bob’s Burgers Movie Trailer is Finally Here



Bob's Burgers

There’s nothing better than a burger on a sunny day, as Linda Belcher would say! Bob’s Burgers: The Movie, based on the beloved animated FOX sitcom of the same name, has finally premiered after what feels like 84 years. While we still have some time before we can meet the Belchers on the big screen, the trailer is a perfect aperitif before the main course – or, in more appropriate terms, the right side of chips before the main burger.

It was announced back in 2017 that a movie based on Loren Bouchard’s Bob’s Burgers would be released in 2020, but it has been delayed multiple times since then. Bouchard promised fans and newcomers alike a unique experience when announcing the film, saying, “We know the movie must scratch every itch fans of the show have ever had, but it also has to appeal to people who’ve never seen the show.”


What will the plot of the ‘Bob’s Burgers’ movie be about?

20th Century Fox describes Bob’s Burgers as being cut off from the outside world during the story due to a massive sinkhole caused by burst water main. Parents Bob and Linda struggle with day-to-day operations while their children work to discover a secret that could save their family’s struggling restaurant. When the hazards grow, underdogs rally around one another and fight to keep their position behind the counter.

It follows the typical plot path of the show, so Bob’s Burgers (the movie) is sure to please fans of Bob’s Burgers (the program).

Watch Bob’s Burgers Trailer

Disney and 20th Century Films produced “The Bob’s Burgers Movie.” Bernard Derriman and Boucher directed the film. The film will premiere exclusively in movie theaters on May 27.

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