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How Many People Use Crypto Exchanges and Is It a Good Idea?



How Many People Use Crypto Exchanges and Is It a Good Idea?

Crypto Exchanges: If you are trying to find a good exchange or consider buying cryptocurrency in another way, you might notice that coming across a reliable platform takes a lot of effort. Besides, it is not always easy to identify how trustworthy the service is until you actually start to cooperate with it.

This read is dedicated to the best crypto exchanges on the web. We hope that the info about each of them will help you make the right decision concerning crypto purchases and keep your funds safe.

And there is only one place to find detailed reviews and comparisons of the top crypto exchanges. This place is coincub – an independent service revealing the pros and cons of every exchange and evaluating online converters objectively.

Find Out Which Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges Are Tested by Time and Safe to Use

When you are a novice crypto trader or investor, you might not have the necessary experience to identify if the service you are going to use is a scam or a good and legal platform. To avoid beginners being misled, Coincub created the list of top crypto exchanges and is still renewing its reviews for the information to stay true and relevant.

Using the calculator chart at, you can quickly choose the suitable exchange by location or bank transfer.

According to Coincub, the top 4 of the best exchanges to use for crypto conversion are:

1. Binance.

Since 2017, Binance has been the main exchange to buy the most popular cryptocurrencies including Dogecoin, Ethereum, BNB, etc. The total number of crypto coins available reaches 500 and over. With its speed of 1.4 million orders in one second, the place has no rivals in processing orders.

The fees for transferring crypto through this exchange are comparatively low. To illustrate this, imagine that you are buying Ethereum that amounts to 400 USD. In this case, the fee you will be charged will make 400*0.001=0.40 USD.

Another absolute benefit is a high trading volume which is one of the main factors making trades profitable. Its interface is also simple and easy to use.

2. Luno.

This place deserves its reputation as a secure service as it never experienced any data leaks or hacker’s attacks. In this area, it wins even over the famous Binance.

Even though Luno supports fewer crypto coins than other top services, the smooth and simple interface plus fair conditions of depositing make it a worthy choice. Besides, creating an account at Luno is very easy.

3. Kraken.

The mythical converter Kraken might seem a bit more complicated but it gives good opportunities to buy and transfer cryptocurrency under excellent security measures.

Some users say it has a slow verification process and the time for Kraken service to send you the activation key could be shorter. But the benefits including high liquidity, plenty of perks for traders, convenient interface, and is available across the world make it a nice option.

4. Coinbase.

This platform is on the top list of crypto exchanges as it is at the same time an exchange, wallet, educational resource, and additional tool to sell crypto. Here you can both watch videos and take tests to learn how to swap currencies and make a profit out of this.

To start to convert here, you will need just a few minutes to create an account. Even a beginner with zero experience will understand how to get started.

Thousands of people all across the planet already use these tools. These platforms are not perfect but they are the most trusted crypto exchanges. So if you are searching where to swap fiat fr crypto or buy crypto, read reviews on Coincub and choose the best place to meet your needs.

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