Crypto Wallet Review – A Professional Trading Platform
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Crypto Wallet Review – A Professional Trading Platform



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Crypto Wallet is a professional-level trading platform with robust tools and resources for active traders and seasoned investors.

Crypto Wallet Overview

While Crypto Wallet mainly identifies as a professional-level trading platform, it also has other unique perks for beginners and less-active investors.

The following are key highlights that can help you determine whether Crypto Wallet is the right fit.


  • Advanced customizable trading tools and amenities
  • A broader selection of trading instruments
  • Extensive educational resources
  • Excellent order execution
  • Broader market access


  • Only one trading platform
  • The trading tools and functions can be intimidating to novices

Pros Explained

Advanced trading tools and resources 

Crypto Wallet emphasizes robust, sophisticated trading tools for an all-around experience.

The features also boast high customizability, enabling you to personalize the functions to your preferences and skills.

Crypto Wallet allows you to do more from a single account.

A broader selection of trading instruments 

Investing with Crypto Wallet also allows you exclusive access to a broader selection of investment products.

The broker has unique offerings for both retail traders and institutional investors.

Broader market access 

Thanks to Crypto Wallet’s global links to market centers, their clients also enjoy unrestricted access to numerous international markets, including electronic exchanges.

Excellent trade execution 

Crypto Wallet uses a proprietary smart order routing software that facilitates the quick execution of trades at the best available market prices.

Cons Explained

One trading platform 

Crypto Wallet supports only a desktop version, but the platform integrates excellent amenities and tools that streamline the overall experience for users.

Their mobile app is still under development and not currently available to traders.

 Trading tools can be intimidating to beginners 

Crypto Wallet offers sophisticated trading tools and functions that can easily overwhelm beginner traders and less-experienced investors.

What Types of Products Do Crypto Wallet Offer?

Crypto Wallet is a robust investment platform with a broader selection of products for different types of traders and investors.

Their offerings include multiple asset classes and fixed-income products for retail traders and institutional investors.

The broker’s goal is to allow traders and investors the flexibility to pursue their chosen investment paths.

Here are the main categories of Crypto Wallet’s product offerings.

  • Stocks
  • Crypto
  • Forex
  • Options
  • ETFs
  • Commodities

This broker’s clients can access several trading instruments under the above categories.

For example, traders interested in stocks can choose from long and short stocks. Crypto traders also have access to a broader selection of all the major cryptocurrencies.


Crypto Wallet accepts clients from different parts of the world. Besides, they boast broader links to significant market centers worldwide.

That allows easy access to international markets, essential to maximizing your profit potential.

Trading Platforms

Crypto Wallet only supports a desktop version which might seem to limit some traders.

However, the platform offers robust, customizable tools and amenities that enable you to do much more from one integrated account.

Crypto Wallet provides a suite of all the standard tools with some technical functions.

Crypto Wallet supports charting, custom watchlists, real-time data streaming, technical analysis, asset screeners, calculators, multi-leg options, news, and research.

It also allows you to automate trades and conduct backtesting. While some tools can be intimidating to beginners and passive investors, they can still use Crypto Wallet’s desktop platform with fewer problems.

Crypto Wallet’s innovative smart order routing software is another significant highlight that facilitates excellent trade executions.

It searches for the best available prices in the market, then executes your order at that point automatically.


Crypto Wallet has a zero fees policy for online stock trading.

Their clients are also not subjected to standard fees such as account minimums and monthly inactivity fees. Other transactions attract different commissions and spread.

However, Crypto Wallet boasts some of the most competitive rates in the industry. Check out their fee calculator to determine your overall costs before placing orders.


Crypto Wallet also understands information is critical to successful investing.

The broker provides extensive educational resources in multiple formats that even novices can easily understand.

The educational programs include webinars, tutorial videos, expert commentaries, and infographics.

Besides, the research and analysis tools offered on the Crypto Wallet desktop platform can help you choose your following trades and make informed financial decisions.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.

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