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Thai Police Arrest Drug Courier with 300Kg of Marijuana in his Chevrolet



Thai Police Arrest Drug Courier with 300Kg of Marijuana in his Chevrolet

Police in northeastern Thailand have arrested a suspected drug courier with 300 kilograms of compressed marijuana in his Chevrolet Captiva, following a police chase in Kalasin Province in the early hours of Saturday.

Kalasin Police at a road checkpoint in Somdet district signaled a car with Chon Buri licence plates to pull over at around 2am on Saturday. The police were acting on a tip-off that a Chevrolet Captiva was being used to smuggle drugs from Sakon Nakhon province to Kalasin.

The driver of the Chevrolet Captiva stopped the vehicle about 200 metres away from the checkpoint, but suddenly sped off when the officers walked towards the car. The Chevrolet Captiva fled along Highway 213 heading for downtown Somdet district before turning onto Highway 12 towards Huai Phung.

The officers gave chase and coordinated with police in nearby areas to help block the car, which was finally stopped in Na Khu district, ending the 70-kilometre chase.

The Driver Mr Aiyakarn Khruekham, 29, was arrested after a search found eight sacks containing 300 kilograms of marijuana hidden inside the car, said Pol Col Witthaya Yenjit, deputy Kalasin police chief.

During questioning, Mr Aiyakarn denied the drugs belonged to him, police said. He claimed he had been hired by a man identified only as Korn for 20,000 baht to smuggle the drugs. He was to be paid after the drugs were delivered, he told investigators.

The suspect was held in custody without bail at the Na Khu police station pending further legal action.

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