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Verify China Company Service Helps Business Fight Against Scammers



Verify China Company Service

China is growing into a global factory with 1.4 billion workers, and a global market with 1.4 billion buyers. The significant advancements in technology and rising purchasing power are opening up new markets for international businesses and brands. Thus, Chinese company checkup is crucial that you verify the organisation on your own.

The Corporation Search database’s initial English-language version in China is called China Company Free Search Engine. As per the Company law, China does not have a legally recognised corporation name in the English language. As a result, please type the company name in Mandarin or use the top search box to enter the 18 digital Social Credit Codes.

The basic national English-language database for registering companies that is tailored to each Chinese company check-up province or city and contains information on the company name, social credit code, legal representative, status of the firm, type, and address.

Verify China Company Service Verification in different sectors

You can discover a great lot about the firm’s background, areas of strength, operational risks, and legal duties by conducting a Chinese company verification. This knowledge places you in a strategic position while conducting professional situations.

Bankers: Ensuring the security and dependability of financial transactions is essential for the banking sector.

Attorneys: In order to provide knowledgeable counsel and representation, attorneys require accurate information.

Consultants: Having a deep understanding of the companies involved is necessary in order to advise customers.

Importers: Importers can safeguard their financial investments by investigating the dependability of their suppliers.

Procurators: Procurators must guarantee that the procurement process is legitimate.

Sourcing Teams: These teams can optimise their operations by collaborating with trustworthy companies.

Accountants: Accurate data is necessary for financial specialists to assess risks and make suggestions.

Researchers: They need to consult trustworthy sources in order to draw accurate results.

Limited Liability Companies

In China, there are 100 million legal entities in the China Company check of free search database. You may look up any firm in China using our corporate search engine. Generally speaking, you can use this search engine to look for the fundamental details of Chinese businesses, such as Limited Companies, Limited Liability Companies, Partnership Enterprises, RO, WFOE, Collective Ownership Enterprises, etc., if you need to identify a business or confirm its existence in China.


We’ll take care of all the research reports for you; all we need to authenticate a Chinese firm is its name and a few identifying details, like the Chinese company name or Social Credit Code (18 digital number). Our attorney will also confirm the company’s existence and legal status, extract financial data from the most recent accounts, identify the directors and owners (or parent company), determine UBO, evaluate creditworthiness, failure risk, and other factors.

There isn’t a legitimate corporate name in the English language in China, per company legislation. As a result, please type the company name in Mandarin or use the top search box to enter the 18 digital Social Credit Codes. Secondly, our verify China company may investigate the enterprise’s judgement documents in order to determine the Chinese company’s legitimacy for you if you like to verify the target company in China using our China Company Verification Report.


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